Jun 29, 2015

English trees to Orkney via garden blogs

Updated June 2015

Diana Studer gardens for biodiversity at Elephant's Eye on False Bay. She will highlight interesting garden blog posts from around the world in a feature we're calling "Garden Blogs Through the Elephant's Eye."

About Diana
In November 2014 we moved to False Bay (Cape Town in South Africa) in suburbia between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. Our first garden was in Camps Bay, halfway up the Atlantic end of Table Mountain, icon of the city of Cape Town. Our second garden was in Porterville between wheatfields and vineyards. The long hot summers and cool wet winters of our mediterranean climate link all three gardens. I was a librarian at universities in Cape Town and Zurich - my garden focus is more Latin plant names than this season's horticultural horrors and there is NO LAWN. My first blog post was in June 2009, and I've been learning to blog ever since. I’ll share blogs that interest, amuse or move me. Mostly gardening, but with a wild card. Follow Diana Studer on G+ to connect with her. To have your blog post featured here, your best bait is a comment which lures us to your blog.

Garden Blogs Through the Elephant's Eye  in January 2013

Johnson of Life in the Cotswolds. "Part of my everyday job as a practical gardener is pruning, a subject which is a mystery to many people and often fills them with terror at the very thought of wielding secateurs to a treasured shrub. Mahonia is one of those useful winter flowering plants that so often look dreadful as they become ever more gaunt and ungainly. This was the case with one in a client’s garden so it seemed a good idea to photograph the process of restoration and blog about it. That post has rapidly become my most read." September's Roman Mosaic and November's Childhood Trees are two more that stay vivid in my mind.

Apr 24, 2013

What Plants Talk About

A few months ago Mother Nature Network asked me to write a post for their website about plant sentience. My working title as I was writing the post was Do Houseplants Dream of Electric Sheep? The editor I work with at MNN went with The Case for the Ethical Treatment of Plants, which better describes what the post is about. If you're interested, I invite you to read the post and comment over there. PBS recently aired What Plants Talk About that covers the same territory.

Watch What Plants Talk About on PBS. See more from Nature.
Watch What Plants Talk About on PBS. See more from Nature.

Apr 23, 2013

7 Of The World's Strangest Flowers

For the first time in a long time I'm not looking at the garden being released by winter with optimism, but rather, with boredom. Yeah, you read that right. I think I'm bored with my garden. I have been wondering how I could rejuvenate my interest in the garden and this list of 7 of the World's Strangest Flowers is giving me ideas.