Sep 25, 2008

Blog Help

Need help setting up a blog or customizing your existing blog? Here is a list of things I can do:

  1. Personal blog tutoring tailored to your skill level.
  2. Domain name consultation.
  3. Template modifications.
  4. Custom header images.
  5. Royalty free stock images.
  6. Photo editing.
  7. Social media account management for small businesses.
  8. Consultations for businesses in the Home & Garden category wanting to reach garden bloggers.
  9. Virtual garden book tours.
  10. Product review tours.
  11. Connect you to the right garden bloggers for your business needs.

How do I?

If you've found that the Blogger help forum doesn't address your needs feel free to contact me. I may have already encountered the same problem and can point you in the direction of the answer. If it is a problem or issue that could benefit many I could make it a post here.