Sep 30, 2008

Table of Contents

The following are links to posts here to help you modify your blog's template.These tutorials are for the Layouts version of Blogger. I'll work on some new ones for the new Blogger Template Designer.

Branding & Design
  1. Adding a Favicon to your blog
  2. Naming your garden blog
  3. Garden blogging with a custom domain
  4. Hiding Blogger's navigation bar
  5. Creating custom pages on Blogger
  6. How to alter or remove borders
  7. Adding a third column to your blogger blog
  8. Choosing colors for your garden blog
  9. From Garden Blog to Garden Book

  1. Adding gadgets and widgets to your header
  2. Adding a horizontal menu to Blogger blogs
  3. Adding a .gif image to your header
  4. Fitting images in your header
  5. Changing the blog title font
  6. 'crosscol-wrapper' div Below Blog Header

  1. Adding widgets and gadgets to the "main" blog area
  2. How to widen the "main" blog area.

  1. Add color to sidebar background
  2. Widening your sidebar
  1. Inline comments for Blogger
  2. Easy recent comments and posts
  3. Creating a contact form in Blogger
  4. Threaded comments for Blogger
  5. Google Friend Connect
  6. A Newsletter for Your Garden Blog
Feed Scrappers
  1. Feed Scrappers
  2. Feed Scrappers II
  3. Feed Scrappers III
  4. Reporting Copyright Violations in Blogger
  5. Control Feed Length with Jump Breaks
Widgets & Gadgets

  1. Adding a background color to your gadgets
  1. Memes for garden bloggers
  2. Post Your Garden Blog to Twitter with Feedburner
Blog Management
  1. Transferring your blog between accounts
  2. Add a search tool to your blog
  1. ALT attributes and your garden photos
  2. Rounded images Blogger
  3. Royalty free sound effects
  4. CHDK in the garden
  5. Film Photography Effects With Virtual Photographer Plugin

Marketing Your Garden Blog
  1. Troy-Bilt & Garden Blogs
  2. Garden Bloggers & Book Reviews
  3. Are Garden Bloggers selling out
  4. Beware this Link Scam
  5. Global Garden Report Finds Garden Bloggers on "Cutting Edge"