Oct 2, 2008

Garden Blogging With A Custom Domain

In Naming Your Garden Blog I touched on what makes a good garden blog name. If you already have an established garden blog you may be hesitant to change to a new blog if you're not happy with the current name of your garden blog. Fortunately most blogging platforms allow you to blog with a custom domain and will redirect your old links to the new address.

Dot Com your garden blog
For the price of two visits to your favorite coffee shop you can register a domain and blog with a custom domain. If you chose a really long name for your blog or you're just not happy with the current name and don't think it fits you get a custom domain.

Blogger allows you to use a custom domain and they'll continue to host your content and everything remains basically the same and they'll even redirect the old links to your new URL. Your domain registrar may provide you with free e-mail but if it doesn't you can register your domain with Google Apps and get e-mail through them. Some people put more weight on e-mails that come from a .com .org .net than one that comes from a free e-mail provider, your e-mail address connected to your custom domain will lend you credibility with some.

Where to register a domain
I hesitate to recommend a domain registrar since there are too many variables but you can conduct an internet search for "domain registrar" or "domain registration" and shop around. Just remember that you get what you pay for and it would be a good idea to look at some of the review sites out there. When I registered GardenBloggers.com a year ago I purchased mine through Google Apps because it was inexpensive and I wanted the other products available through them. At this point I don't recommend buying your domain through Google Apps or Blogger because of a glitch in their domain redirecting. Links to this blog must be formatted as http://www.gardenbloggers.com same thing if you are entering the url by hand. If the link or URL doesn't contain the www you'll get an error page instead of landing here. Until Google/Blogger resolves this issue I don't recommend purchasing your domain through them. I'm going to wait it out and see if they fix this but if they don't I'm going to transfer my domain to another registrar so I can avoid this problem. You don't have to purchase your domain through Google/Blogger to use their blogging with a custom domain feature.

Custom domain garden blogs
Here are some examples of gardeners blogging using the custom domain feature on Blogger.

Garden Desk
Danielle Copeland
Garden Punks
QC Garden

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