Oct 3, 2008

Inline Comments for Blogger

One of the features of Blogger blogs that has needed a revamp for a long time is the comments section. In the comment section we had the option of either having comments in a pop-up window or they switched to a whole new page. Along came HaloScan and they provided a commenting system we could install in our templates that mimicked the inline comment feature that we blogspot users saw in other blog platforms like WordPress. Most recently IntenseDebate has popped up to provide an inline comment form for blogs and websites.

Blogger has decided to try out an inline comment for for blogspot users that doesn't require the modification of any code in the template. It is currently in the testing phase but I use it here and on my personal garden blog and I have to say I really like it. To try it out visit draft.blogger.com while you are signed into your Blogger account. You're in the testing area for features that Blogger is developing for blogspot users. If you look closely you'll see that the top of the dashboard is different from the dashboard you're accustomed to seeing. That's how you know you've signed into the draft area. Since you're there why not try out the inline comment feature? Go to Settings>Comments> and choose embedded below posts then scroll down and save.

Finally, a more sophisticated comment form for us Blogger users who always wanted this feature and who didn't like that vistors had to leave our blogs to leave us a comment. At this point you can sign out of draft.blogger.com or just go Blogger.com when you're done and go see what the new comment section on your blog looks like. You may notice that in the comment section here the comments are numbered. That is not a feature of the embedded below posts comments, I added that with a modification I read about. The numbers don't have any real purpose they're mostly just there for decoration.


  1. I'm going to give this a try, it seems so simple!

  2. Hope you do Carol. I think this new comment form is way better than the other options we have now.


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