Dec 11, 2008

Adding a GIF image to your header

Julie, who blogs at A Succulent Life, recently asked me how she could get a GIF image in the header of her blog. The problem she is having is that uploading a GIF to the header using Blogger's native upload function just gives her a static image which defeats the purpose of creating an animated header banner in the GIF format.

I tried to upload a GIF to a test blog and had similar results in that all I got was a static image. One solution I was able to come up with was using the template modification for adding gadgets and widgets to your blog header.

After that I uploaded a GIF to the photo hosting site Photobucket and copied the "HTML code" option and pasted it into the "HTML/JavaScript" element under "Add a Gadget" that now appears in your header. Saved it and I was done.

Another option you have here is instead of copying the "HTML code" from a image hosting site like Photobucket you can use the "Direct link" code they provide.

<img src="Your Direct Link Code Here" alt="">

Paste this line of code into the "HTML/JavaScript" element under "Add a Gadget" in your header. Don't forget about the ALT attributes and your photos if you'd like your images to be more search engine and browser friendly.

Don't forget to back up and save your template and or try this on a test blog first.


  1. Thankyou! I am on a little trip right now, out of town, but will try it out on one of my other blogs when I get back home and am not tipsy (as I am this evening)!!! LOL. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Hi, Thanks for being a 'follower' on my blog. As you could already see, I'm following your:) Have a great weekend! Jan/ThanksFor2Day

  3. Thank you for a very useful information! Have a warm and great Advent, soon it's exciting / Tyra

  4. Anonymous9/17/2009

    it DONT move...NOWAY...

  5. thank you ! i just change my header with the gif i made for my blog..the one with direct link is way better..tnx again!!


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