Dec 16, 2008

Portuguese Garden Blogs

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog is use it to post roundups of various garden blogs I come across that share a theme. Lately I've been drawn to Portuguese garden blogs mostly because many of the plants I find on garden blogs from that country are plants that appeal to me. So here are a few garden blogs you should visit if you'd like to extend your garden blog reading list.

Green Man: I came across his blog via the comments section of my garden blog. His garden blog covers a variety of plants and his posts are in English and Portuguese.

Bolbos em flor: I found via Green Man and started to visit because it was mostly about bulbs with others plants making appearances. The posts are in Portuguese.

Jardim com gatos: A very photogenic Mediterranean garden captured nicely by the blogger. The posts are in English and Portuguese. Sometimes I'm surprised by the numbers of cats I find in sidebars and posts of American garden blogs (are gardeners cat people or cat people gardeners?) so it interesting to see a Portuguese garden blog with a few cats and a couple of cool dogs.

Plantae Samadhi: Herbs, edibles/medicinal plants are the subject of this garden blog. The posts are in Portuguese.

Florzinha de Estufa: Not much text to speak of but a great photo blog for those who appreciate nice photos of orchids.

Cactos e Succulentas: A garden blog devoted to cacti and succulents. Posts are in Portuguese.

Sometimes when surfing garden blogs I have to remind myself that there are people out there doing what we do in languages other than English so I wanted to highlight a few of them.


  1. There are so very, very many garden bloggers out there...I get overwhelmed trying to visit the one's who've left comments for me, and who I decided to 'follow', and who I've 'faved' on blotanical, and the new bloggers, etc...It could take me 24 hrs. a day to visit those I've already met:) I'm always eager to check more out, though--because I alwayslearn something new and get inspiration from others' ideas and traditions.

  2. Thanks For 2 Day,

    I agree with your sentiments about getting inspiration from other garden blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I agree with Thanks above, there are so many wonderful informative creative blogs anymore, we can no longer keep up with the excellent posts and new entries into the garden blogging world. All for the good! I have visited some of those, and appreciate English translations from everyone very much, even though photos speak for themselves sometimes! :-)
    Frances at Fairegarden

  4. I like to check out new blogs as well, although it sure can "take on a life of its' own" and get very time-consuming. It got kinda stressful for me at first, but now I just surf wherever I can and refuse to worry about it. (If blogging feels like an obligation, then why bother? :)

  5. Anonymous12/23/2008

    Thanks for sharing links for some blogs I've never visited before. Have a Merry Christmas!


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