Jan 21, 2009

Transferring Your Blog Between Accounts

Even after a few years of using Blogger I still have to search the internet to learn how to do some basic things. This was the case recently when I wanted to move a blog between two Google accounts. I'd never done it before so my first stop was the Blogger help article on the subject which I found needlessly complex but I went ahead with my fingers crossed hoping for the best. I managed to transfer a blog between two Google accounts without any damage.

Yesterday in an email exchange with a fellow garden blogger the issue came up and I was prepared to explain it. In her case she had two email accounts she used to sign into two different Blogger accounts. The first was a Yahoo account and the second was a Google account. The Yahoo account was the account she used to set up her garden blog but she wanted to use her Google account instead as her Yahoo email was for personal use.

Here is how I explained it using her example:

Step #1:
With your Yahoo account sign into your Blogger account and send your Google account an invitation to be a contributor to your blog. To do it go to Settings>Permissions>Add Authors. Input the email of the Google account to send the invitation. Sign out of your Yahoo account.

Step #2:
Sign into your Google account and accept the invitation to contribute. If you don't see it check your spam folder. Sign out of your Google account.

Step #3:
Sign back into your Blogger account using the Yahoo account. Again go to Settings>Permissions> and grant the Google account administration privileges. Sign out of your Yahoo account.

Step #4:
Now sign in with your Google account. Notice how you can edit, delete and add gadgets now. You can go one step further and remove the Yahoo account by revoking privileges. Go to Settings>Permissions> and revoke privileges of the Yahoo account.

Make sure you're signing in and out of the right accounts. I found using two browsers to do this helpful. Make sure the account you want to ultimately use has a blogger profile that matches your previous one. Add your picture, fill out your bio, update the email link if you want people to be able to reach you at your Google account instead of your personal account-you get the picture. 

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