Feb 18, 2009

Male Garden Bloggers

Over on my personal garden blog I used to keep a collection of links to other garden blogs hosted by men. It has been a long time since I've collected links and many new blogs have come onto my radar since then. This is by no means a comprehensive list of male garden bloggers. Some I read often, some I read when I stumble across them and some were suggested by other gardeners. I'll try to update this list as I remember old ones or as I'm introduced to new ones. In no particular order here are a few garden blogs hosted by men.

Dirt on the Keys-G
Back 40 Feet-G
Soiled Hands-C&A
NYC Garden-C&A
Art of Gardening
All Andrew's Plants-PN

Garden Amateur-G
Duke City Digger-G
James Missier-H
Plant Zone-H
I'm a Garden-F&V
Plant Quest-PN
The Expat Garden(er)-PN
Garden Austin-G
Lazy Shade Gardener-PN

If you don't get an idea on what the blog is about by the name this is what the letters mean:
H=houseplants G=general (different in every zone) gardening F&V=fruits and veggies E=essays PN=plant nerds C&A=community gardens & activism N=nature

* It is not my garden blog just the name of that particular blog.
** Is also listed under Portuguese Garden Bloggers.

Note: When I started this list male garden bloggers weren't as common and I wanted to highlight other males doing this. As such, I'm sticking with my decision that only blogs written exclusively by men will be included. I'll make a separate list for co-hosted or team blogs for the guys who I don't include here because they are part of a team blog or co-host with a significant other. 6-13-11


  1. I like to think I also qualify as a Plant Nerd, especially with regard to plants native to Northeastern North America.

  2. Xris, I'll change yours if you'd like me to. I know my labeling system is teh sucks but it is the best I could do. I figured some kind of labeling based on "type" of garden blog would help people pick and choose a garden blog or two to check out if they weren't inclined to look at every blog on the list.

  3. Hydroponics is pretty much the most you can be a plant nerd. Thanks for the link.

  4. You can add - The Plant Hunter - PN


    Tim Wood

  5. Good idea. I guess we gals outnumber you... Cheers, Yvonne

  6. Please feel free to add me to you list!


  7. So glad you did this.

    In Australia, Stuart Robinson gardens at Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas, http://www.gardeningtipsandideas.com

  8. This is fun, MBT. I actually read quite a few male garden bloggers and writers, probably because all my best friends are men (including my husband, of course), ranging from a nursery operator I went to Nfld with planthunting to my 93 year old gardening mentor.

    I was going to add Jim@ artofgardening but I see he did. I also adore James Alexander-Sinclair (http://web.me.com/blackpittsgarden/Site_2/Blog/Blog.html) who is a funny, funny man as well as knowledgeable.
    Graham Rice is the Transatlantic Plantsman (http://transatlanticplantsman.typepad.com/transatlantic_plantsman/)
    Doug Green is a master garden-blogger and a generous soul with other gardening writers (and that includes bloggers) http://blog.douggreensgarden.com/

  9. Great list. I found a bunch of new blogs to subscribe to!

  10. If you revise this post I would love to be included!

    Sub section for Garden Nerd (GN)?

    Ryan (http://ryans-garden.blogspot.com)

  11. Can you please add Grown in the City? I'd love to be included. Thanks!

  12. Do you plan to do a list of gardening blogs hosted by women ? If so be sure to include Stephanie Donaldson's :

    The Enduring Gardener Blog

  13. Anonymous5/31/2011

    Tons of great bloggers out there, male and female. :)

    I didn't realize how many garden dudes I followed until I checked my list. There are surely more, but for years, I've enjoyed the divergent topics and tones of these male garden bloggers from around the world:

    ATW from Urban Self-Sufficientist, in Georgia

    Andrew of All Andrew's Plants, in Toronto

    Jamie of Garden Amateur, in Sydney, Australia

    James of Garden Chronicles, in Malaysia

    Aaerelon of Plant-Zone, now back in London, Ontario

    Tim of A Passion for Petrocosmea, in Pittsburgh

    And, y'know, of course me, now The Expat Garden(er), http://www.expatgarden-er.com. It's hard starting a new blog, but it'll sure be a fun adventure!

  14. I'm a canadian male garden blogger as well, though my garden's blog is from the garden's perspective :)


  15. Thanks for the new suggestions. I've added a few more to the list. If I didn't add you please take a look at the note attached to the end of the post.

  16. I don't think you have these three male garden bloggers from my list.

    Christopher blogged from Hawaii 5+ years ago - now he's in North Carolina at Outside Clyde: http://outsideclyde.blogspot.com/

    A great Austin blog is RBell at The Lazy Shady Gardener:

    Marc is a young guy, mostly about vegetables and native plants:

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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  18. We're a male-run gardening / green blog in South Africa :-) www.sprig.co.za


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