Feb 26, 2009

Seed Sites Get Social

On my personal garden blog a couple of years ago I created a graphic that said; "Seeds grow more than just plants." It came about when I realized that seeds create a sense of community and belonging. Because of my involvement in Spring Fling I've become acquainted with two great online seed sources. Botanical Interests was one of the first companies I reached out to and asked to sponsor Spring Fling. I was surprised by how easy it was and just how nice they were in my interaction with them.

Today I had the pleasure of having a nice conversation with Renee of Renee's Garden. Renee has come on board as a sponsor of Spring Fling after learning about it via Kathy Purdy. In my conversation with Renee we discussed the role that companies that sell products to gardeners should take on the internet and how they can become more "social" on this increasingly social internet.

When I registered the domain for this blog it sat unused for over a year because my vision for it was something I couldn't afford. I have champagne tastes but a beer budget so I eventually just launched the blog you see now. What I wanted this place to be was a site where garden bloggers could communicate and share. It didn't come to be for the reason I mentioned above. While talking to Renee I learned of Renee's Community Garden, a social networking site created with Ning and thought it was pretty cool that she had a site up for her customers where they could interact and learn from each other. Moments later I got an invitation from Botanical Interests to join their social networking site. Botanical Interests is also using Ning to interact with their community of gardeners.

If you're looking for places to interact with your fellow gardeners that grow from seed I suggest you visit both and join. I'm not recommending them just because they're sponsors of Spring Fling-even if they weren't, I'd still do it. I think it is great that both of these companies have the foresight to understand that their customers are more than just order numbers and have created ways to interact with them beyond just email. There's a whole world of gardeners on the internet just waiting to interact with the companies they shop and interact with people like them. I hope more companies jump on the bandwagon and create communities for their customers.

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  1. All these sites for networking with other gardeners... how does one even choose which ones to network on. It gets to be a lot to keep up with!

  2. Carol,

    You're right it is an embarrassment of riches. In terms of choosing networking sites created by companies, I'll be joining sites based on things like involvement in social issues that impact gardeners.

    This will help me from having too many places to keep up with. If I don't see that the company cares about social issues I'll just stick to those that do.

    helps narrow the field a lot.

  3. Anonymous3/01/2009

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