Mar 3, 2009

Choosing Colors For Your Garden Blog

How much consideration do you give to the colors of the flowers you will plant in your garden? Do you give the same consideration to the colors of your garden blog? You should. Colors, like words have meanings and can be used to say something about your or your garden blog. I've posted on how to add color to your sidebar and adding a background color to individual widgets in your sidebar.

You can easily change the color theme of your garden blog via Layout>Fonts and Colors. If the options available there aren't what you were looking for you can always turn to a variety of hex color code generators and color swatches available on the internet. Before you get started watch Color in Motion by Claudia Cortes. It is an "Interactive Experience of Color Communication and Color Symbolism." The site requires Macromedia Flash Player to be viewed but it is well worth it. Available in English & Spanish.

Here are a few places you can visit to generate color pallets for your garden blog:

Color Pallet Generator An easy to use color generator that allows you to input the URL of a photo and it generates two styles of color pallets for you. Use your favorite garden/nature photo to generate a color scheme for your garden blog.

Color Hunter A color pallet generator that use flickr photos to create a color palette a little more sophisticated than the one above.

Kuler Is a flash-based app from Adobe Labs color palette generator. You can create your own color palette or explore color schemes created by other people.

Daily Color Scheme A collection of color schemes added daily.

Colour Lovers More than just a collection of color pallets. It is more of a community of people who are...well...colour lovers. h/t Tangled Branches for reminding me of it.

Color Scheme Designer 3 Another color scheme generator, but this one shows you a light & dark version of your color scheme along with the ability to export the necessary code.

Downloads/Browser based:

ColorZilla A Firefox add-on that lets you pick the color from sites you're visiting.

ColorSchemer A small app similar to ColorZilla but there is also a color pallets gallery available on the website for you to browse.


  1. Wow - thanks for that link to Color in Motion - lots to explore there.

    Another good site for color palettes is I could spend way too much time playing there if I'm not careful.

  2. Tangled Branches,

    Thanks for the reminding me about Colour Lovers I updated the post with the link to it.


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