Jun 18, 2009

Two Floral Templates For Blogger

When I asked; What do You Like About Blogger? several people commented on the lack of new templates made available for Blogger. If you're tired of having the same look as everyone else the best solution, at the moment, is to search the Internet for templates created by third parties. The best templates available are those that have been ported from WordPress.

Here are two floral templates that have been ported into Blogger that were originally WordPress themes.

blogger templates, floral blogger templates

Notepad Chaos. Demo here. Download here.

blogger templates, floral blogger templates

Water Color. Demo here. Download here.

Before you make any changes to your template back sure to backup and download your blog in case you should make any major mistakes. I'm just providing information here and can't be held responsible if something happens to your blog by using a third party template. If you need help with installation contact the developers. If you'd like to be able to make a simple changes to your template see the Table of Contents for a few tutorials.


  1. Well geez I like the Notepad Chaos! Now if I can figure out how to do this...lol. Thanks for all your great tutorials for blogs MBT, I really do appreciate and use them.

  2. Thank you much for the tips Mr. Brown Thumb... but how does one download and backup one's blog? I have often wondered how we store our posts. I too find the templates very limiting, but mostly sigh that I cannot seem to figure out how to have larger photos, so that one does not have to click on them in order to see.

  3. OhioMom,



    To download your template go to Layout and click "Download Full Template." Someone else did a tutorial on backing up your blog so I'll just provide the link to it. http://is.gd/18Cin

  4. Thank you so! Hopefully I can figure it all out. Thanks too for visiting! Happy Solstice!


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