Jun 17, 2009

Where Do You Write?

A couple of days ago I started composing my blog posts in Google Docs or Notepad and pasting them into the particular blog editor I'm using. I've found this liberating and have noticed that I can create a blog post a lot faster than if I was typing away in the little blog editor provided. After all these years of blogging away inside a tiny box I never realized how constricting it felt until I started using my whole monitor to write out a blog post. It was like gardening on a windowsill and then being given a proper yard in which to plant. All of a sudden I have all this new space that I feel I need to utilize.

It got me curious, how do other garden bloggers prepare post for their blogs? So I asked and there are some of the responses I got:

Post editor bad habit- but for awhile I used Scribefire; tried out Livewriter. If the post editor doesn't lose the post I default.-Ilona's Garden

In Blogger I compose in the editor box, look at preview to catch typos, publish to catch more typos, lots of back-and-forth!-Inter Leafings

I write inside the blog editor as well.-Toronto Gardens

I use the post editor. I've tried using Word, but it didn't feel right.-Indoor Gardener

Now in post editor because Wordpress is wacky. On Blogger I would copy & paste off of word.-Anarchy in the Garden

One downside to composing a blog post outside of the blog editor is making sure I don't copy any of the formatting from whatever I'm using. What works best for you? Inside the post editor or outside?


  1. I use notepad for my recipes, with the idea of one day printing them out ... and the few words I post I just use the blog/post editor.

  2. I actually used notepad for the first time today since the internet connection was down. The small writing area is the biggest drawback on blogger.

  3. I normally use the Wordpress editor, sometimes for longer posts I use emacs or Google sites.

  4. Hi OhioMom,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Hi Dave,

    Hahaha. I've been there before when you have the urge to blog and the connection is down and you have to turn to Notepad. Although, most of the time I end up forgetting about the draft in Notepad after the internet is back.

    Hi Heiner,

    Thanks for stopping by. Just visited your garden blog and don't think I'd been there before. I could only understand a couple of words but it was nice visiting.

  5. Sorry i did not see this before... I have written some longer posts ... say on the sugaring season and then tried to copy and paste into the little editor. But it would not allow me to do that and i had to retype the entire text! i must have missed something! I agree that it feels so limiting to write in that little box.

  6. Agree with you feeling more free composing outside the blogger "post/edit" box. I used word or notepad until I discovered Windows Live Writer which I love. Offers so much more creativity. I'd recommend it to anyone blogging on a regular basis.

  7. Hi Carol,

    I wonder what kept you from being able to copy/paste into the editor. Hmm.

    Hi Savon Shoppe,

    Thanks for the tip about Windows Live Writer, I'll have to look into it.

  8. Before I got laid off, I blogged on environmental matters for a newspaper. We used Typepad and always had to compose in Notepad and then copy and paste. Otherwise the formatting was all over the place.

    I use Blogger now but still use Notepad first.

  9. Hi Terra Mirabilis,

    Thanks for posting your experience. I know what you mean about Typepad, ugh! I'm using MoveableType for another blog and I don't like the editor one bit so I start either in Notepad or Google Docs and then paste.


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