Aug 17, 2009

Convert Garden Blog Visitors To Readers

Good post by Kylee of Our Little Acre about the various options, we garden bloggers, should provide visitors of our blogs so they are converted to regular readers.

And she says she's not internet "savvy."


  1. Actually, I feel quite comfortable maneuvering my way around cyberspace, but I have so much yet to learn! I have people around me that have some difficulty, however, so I try to make things as easy as I can from my end.

    Thanks for the link! :-)

  2. Mr BT,
    I'm curious as to whether you think the email option is really important?
    I like my google reader.
    From another perspective, I'm not sure about analytics tracking if /when the blog is emailed directly. Do you have any idea if those subscriptions are tracked?
    btw, I enjoyed Kylee's post a lot, regardless of my questions.

  3. Kylee,

    You're welcomed. It is a good post.


    I guess it depends on the visitors on how important it is. If the visitor is like Kylee who keeps up with posts via Email then you're missing out on someone who could become a reader for life.

    I just checked my stats on Analytics and saw several from AOL and Yahoo mail domains. If don't see any or don't see what you think you may have there, log into feedburner and you can find your subscriber stats there along with how many Email subscribers you have.


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