Aug 25, 2009

Label Cloud Officially Supported by Blogger

Blogger turned 10 years old today and they're releasing several "gifts" that are actually improvements on the platform.

Today's Birthday gift?

Blogger Buzz: Partly cloudy, chance of labels

Label clouds are officially supported from the labels gadget, no need to hack your template anymore.

Look for more "gifts" to be released soon. My guess is the next one will be the ability to expand and collapse long posts.


  1. Thanks for the info on this, Mr. BT (and a thankyou to Blogger).

    We really need to rationalize our labels, which have kind of grown organically (though I s'pose this is appropriate for a garden blog). However, for now the cloud does take up less room in the right column.

    Garden Bloggers

  2. Um -- P.S. Just tried your comment link code. Unsure if I've done that correctly.


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