Sep 9, 2009

"New" Blogger Post Editor

New Blogger post editorWhen I went to play with the read more/jump break option in Blogger I realized I had to enable the updated editor. To find the option go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom where you are given the option of which post editor you'd like to use, hit save and compose a new entry on your blog.

The updates to this editor aren't exactly a secret, it has been available through Blogger in Draft for a while. I figured I'd wait to explore it until they rolled it out and forced everyone to use it so I could just join the chorus of complainers who don't like when Blogger makes a major change.

Today, my curiosity got the better of me and I updated to the "new" editor. While playing around with it I came to the conclusion that; I'm in love. For one of my blogs I have to use MoveableType and I can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to insert a picture anywhere in a post. In Blogger I usually upload the images first into the editor than I add the words around it. For my blog powered by MoveableType, I write the post then add the pictures where I want them. This simple feature has bugged me since I realized it was a limitation in blogger.

Imagine how excited I was when I noticed that the updated post editor gives you the option of selection where you want a photo in the post and the size in a separate window from the post editor. The updated editor can even be re-sized a bit, for those of us who find it a bit cramped.

Give it a try for yourself by locating the updated editor under the Settings link of the dashboard.


I have several blogs under one account. When I chose the updated post editor for one blog, it made the change for all the blogs under that one account. So, all of the blogs were using the updated editor even though I had only chosen it under the Settings tab of one of them. The changes were reversable by going under the Settings tab again and selecting "old editor." If you are a co-blogger, you may want to give the other authors of your blog a warning if you are changing to the updated editor. Just in case it changes to the updated editor for them too, you don't want to throw them for a loop.

I'd recommend trying out the updated post editor on a spare blog so you can get comfortable with the new features like the "read more" option. If you need filler text, check out Lorem Ipsum generator linked in the sidebar.

Have questions or comments about the updated editor leave them below.


  1. I don't really have a problem putting photos where I want them with the old editor, but I can see where the new one would save me some steps. Maybe I'll try it.

  2. Kylee,

    I usually have problems with adding pictures where I want them if I don't make sure to add the pictures before copying and pasting the text. When I end up closing the spaces between text and pictures, I'll usually go too far and end up accidentally removing one picture. With this editor I find that I don't have to deal with those problems.

    I have found it is good for going back and adding pictures to older posts. In the past I've had to remove everything in a post to update it, if I wanted the pictures to appear in a chronological order. Now I can just switch to the new editor and upload a picture without the hassle I had before.

  3. Hi MBT, I've had the same issues as you with the old one. I now use the new one but would like it if they'd enlarge the 'preview post' box.

  4. Jan,

    You mean the preview box as you're typing or the preview box when you're done and preview a post?

    I see that when I'm typing a post, I can make the box longer, but I can't make it wider. Which seems silly to me.


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