Sep 9, 2009

"Read More" Now Supported In Blogger

The "Read More" option for long posts is something that has been needed for a while. Blogger now supports it and there is no longer a need to hack your template to shorten the length of the posts.

Looks like there are two ways to implement the jump in a post, either in the editor or manually by adding a line of text in your post. You can read the announcement and see screen shots at Blogger Buzz: "You Might As Well Jump!"


  1. thank you. I played with this on my alternate site,,and created a garish birthday greeting to Blogger. Thank you for telling me about this resource, and, come visit me sometime at Geno's Garden! Jeannie

  2. Hi Geno's Garden,

    Sorry about the really late reply.I'll make sure to stop by and check out your blog.


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