Oct 6, 2009

FTC Rules Bloggers Must Disclcose Payments For Reviews

Yesterday's announcement that the Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers to disclose payments for reviews didn't come as much of a surprise. Will this ruling impact garden bloggers the same way that it will affect other niche blogs?

Probably not.

Most of the reviews that I've been offered and later see come up later in other garden blogs rarely come up with a monetary incentive. But perhaps some I've not been offered do, and those companies and garden bloggers who accept them will now have a new set of rules to navigate, unless they want to receive an $11,000 fine per violation. When I reviewed the Troy-Bilt TB57 Lithium Ion string trimmer I made sure to mention that it was given to me for free, in large part, because I was expecting yesterday's announcement. I was just being careful--not that I think the FTC has the manpower to police every blog and post that goes up on the internet to discover those that are taking money for reviews.

Can I just say that I find taking money to do a review of a tangible product a little tacky? I mean, if you're given a product that product already has a dollar value and taking money on top of that just seems greedy. At least the garden bloggers gang of ethics will now have one less thing to worry about.

First they came for your paid reviews, next they'll come for your Library Thing gadgets attached to your Amazon affiliate account. At least I hope so.

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