Nov 3, 2009

Garden Blog Pirating

Two recent posts by garden bloggers sounding alarms about posts being stolen and posted on other sites.

The first one is by Kathy at Skippy's Vegetable Garden.

The second one is by RainGardener at Gardening By Trial and Error.

Check out their posts, read the comments and follow the links to see if your garden blog posts have been lifted.


  1. Same thing happened to me a a couple of years ago. Take a look at this very helpful site Follow their directions for sending out DMCA emails (they have a template) to blog's host, domain name registrar, customers, Blogger/Wordpress....anyone else you can think of. I also put of posts to my blog, with links to their site.

    It worked for me (my blog posts were being scraped by a big Australian Ad Agency who was selling them as content to their clients. There is some serious scum out there :-)

  2. I am floored by this. I went to the sites expecting to see paragraphes, passages being hijacked - but entire posts, repeatedly?!? Unbelieveable.

    And can't figure out why......

    (On a much less serious note.......once again LOVE your tags)

  3. @StuccoHouse,

    Thanks for the tip.


    They do it to build their importance on the web with search engines by having a lot of content. They also do it like in the second example to make money.

    Glad you like the tag, it made me laugh. :0)

  4. I kinda figured it all came down to making money (something I haven't figured out or plan to pursue with my blog - but that's more a lack of time issue than anything)....

    Oh, wait, I can just started copying other people, that would be a lack of morals issue!

  5. "Oh, wait, I can just started copying other people, that would be a lack of morals issue!"


  6. that is way low and totally immoral. i'm sorry to read that has happened to good gardening folks.

  7. I just managed to remove mine from a place called TheBlogHub. Folks may want to look and see if they can find their blogs listed there. It took about two weeks and I had to contact the Web Host in Australia. If anyone does find their blog listed there I'll happily share the contact info I have for them. Now I have to get to work on two other feed scrapers that happen to be owned by the same company that owns Dave's Garden. That irritates me!

  8. I followed one of the links, and noticed some familiar content from another blog I'd read recently -- and passed the info along to her. There's a form on Blogger that can be used to report copyright infringement:


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