Dec 16, 2009

Amazon Associates and Google Blogger Team Up

Besides Google's Adsense program, the affiliate program at Amazon seems to be the most popular monetizing method of garden bloggers. I've noticed recently how Amazon Associate links can be found just about everywhere on garden blogs. From the smallest to some of the more popular garden blogs.

On the Associates Blog on Amazon, it was announced today that Amazon and Blogger are teaming up to make it easier for publishers (that's you) to monetize their blogs through the Amazon affiliate program. I haven't used my affiliate account in a long time, it was just too much of a hassle, but I may have to resurrect it after seeing the screenshots here. No more signing into Amazon and hunting down links and snippets of code, it is all done from within Blogger-- they even made gadgets.

This will make it easier for garden bloggers who monetize their blogs to do so by linking potential shoppers with products they may want to buy.

The End is Nigh, ad-free bloggers!


  1. You should give it a look again, the new toolbar at the top of the screen is pretty convenient, it will even shorten a link and send it directly to Twitter for you. Pretty handy because links on Twitter are almost guaranteed to have at least 30 clicks if you have a good sized following. And if the tweet is RT'd, well then the number of clicks could go up exponentially.

  2. You're making an interesting case for resurrecting the account, Fern.

  3. I've been trying to find my way around monetizing; being an old-lady computer immigrant, I'm a little scared of it all. I keep moving up my target-- "I'll put ads in when I people I don't know start finding me," when I got there it became, "I'll put ads in when I get to 1000 hits" and then when I got there I changed it to "when I get 50 followers."

    So this one's gone into my "blogger tools" bookmark, and anyway, thanks for the tip.

  4. Xan,

    LOL. You know if you want to do it, the best way to do it, is just jump right in.


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