Jul 7, 2009

How Do You Comment On Blogger Blogs?

If a particular garden blogger allows for Google Accounts, OpenID and Name/URL comments to be left on a blog which one do you use? I asked garden bloggers which option they chose and here are some of the responses I received on Twitter.

"I generally use Name/URL...it's nice to keep consistent ID across multiple blogs." Marie-Gardening.About.com

"Name/URL. Probably because it existed before the others and I want to keep my 'brand.' " Zanthan Gardens

"When posting comments on blogs I always use Name/URL. Sarah at Toronto Gardens. Sis Helen uses her name so u can tell us apart." Toronto Gardens

"I use my Google acct. Makes things easier since Google owns me online." Katie-GardenPunks

"Definitely Name/URL. If something requires me to log into Google/OpenID I end up not commenting at all unfortunately." Xitomatl

"I use whatever it seems to default to, usually Google (nice to keep a consistent ID across multiple blogs)" InterLeafings

As for me, I use a combination of the Name/URL option and lately the OpenID option. I'm not always logged into the Google Account associated with the MrBrownThumb blog so this allows me to keep things consistent. I started using the Name/URL option when I noticed that my MrBrownThumb Blogger profile had over 2 thousand views (now at 5,800) and I started wondering how many potential visits to the blog were lost because people never clicked beyond the Blogger profile. I sometimes get lost reading the information contained in those profiles and never get around to visiting the blog and it must happen with others too. If you regularly use the Google Account option to comment make sure the URL to your blog is visible in your profile. I have the URL to my blog(s) in the "About Me" section and under the Homepage URL field just in case a viewer doesn't scroll past the top of the fold.

If the Google Account, Name/URL and OpenID commenting option is available to you which do you prefer to use?

Jul 3, 2009

Blogger Is Crowdsourcing New Templates

Some good news on the Blogger templates front for those who wish Blogger would issue more templates.

I came across this page by Siobhan Quinn, Product Manager, Blogger.com, asking for designers familiar with CSS and for graphic designers & photographers to submit background images and patterns. If you're a web designer, photographer or graphic designer see here for more info on how to participate.

The contact form used to collect information was created with Google Docs. You can see a short tutorial on creating a contact form in Blogger here.