Jan 20, 2010

Custom Pages Now Available in Blogger in Draft

(image from Blogger Buzz)

Today the Blogger team unveiled the new Pages feature. If you want to create custom pages for your blog you're no longer limited to creating one out of a post.

See the instructions from Blogger Buzz on implementing and ways you can use custom pages on your garden blog. Pages come to Blogger in Draft.

Looks pretty neat to me.


  1. I agree, Blogger is not bad, is it for a free whatsit, and getting better all the time. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    Have started to have a play, but the compose window in blogger draft is very poor. I'm struggling to get anything formatted decently, so I'm planning on going back to my original workaround until the bugs are sorted.

  3. Yolanda,

    It is isn't it? Glad I've stuck around. I wonder if new templates will be next. I'm crossing my fingers.


    I was going to post about this later today but since the formatting isn't sticking I say compose it in the old editor then copy/paste the HTML and paste it into the new editor. Make sure you have everything exactly how you want it and then save it.


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