Feb 28, 2010

#FightKatie Garden Bloggers Rally Around One of Their Own

Earlier this week Katie, of GardenPunks.com, went into the hospital with what she thought was a case of the flu. It has since been discovered that it is something far more serious. At first we didn't know if it should be mentioned outside of private messages on social networking sites like Twitter & Facebook. As the family set up a webpage, of sorts, to help keep friends and family informed; many garden bloggers took to speaking publicly about the battle that our Katie is facing.

The conversation jumped from social media platforms to our home turf, garden blogs. Here is a collection of links to posts garden bloggers have made about Katie and her battle. In no particular order...

Daffodil Planter-A Snowy Moon for Katie.
Our Little Acre-The Power of Twitter.
Auntie Debbie's Garden- Prayers for Katie.
Read Between the Limes- There are tears in my beer.
My Skinny Garden- Petunia Seedlings.
Farmer Fred Rant- Where's Your "Tough Girl" Hat When You Need It?
Sacramento Gardening- For you, Katie
Brown Thumb Mama- A few Garden Updates
Garden Misadventures- Thinking healing Thoughts
Aspie Teacher-Nothing Less
Interleafings-Life comes at you

If I've missed one let me know. On Twitter some bloggers have been using the #fightkatie hashtag to send encouraging message and updates.


  1. Thank you for gathering us into a virtual bouquet for Katie. No flowers allowed in ICU.

    Here's another

  2. And one more


  3. Not a garden blogger but just an old friend of Katie's. Just in case anyone's interested...


  4. Another short post that I put up *very* late Friday night; glad to see we can collect all our good thoughts for Katie in one place. #katiefight!!!

  5. Thank you for collecting all these tributes to Katie-Who-Rocks. It's wonderful to see all the love and support being given to her and her family.

  6. And another; it doesn't mention her directly, but it was inspired by her. http://bit.ly/arcEwH.

  7. This is a such wonderful thing everyone is doing for Katie.
    My thoughts and good wishes go out to her and her family. The virtual bouquet is such a nice idea.


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