Feb 4, 2010

Renee's Garden Media Kit

In today's mail I received the media kit for Renee's Garden, the online seed seller of some wonderful flower and vegetable seeds. Renee doesn't print a paper seed catalog so I'm glad I requested to be added to their media list become it comes with a seed description brochure of all the seeds they carry, including the new seed introductions for 2010.

Along with the information on the seeds that are new for 2010 Renee's media kit has a sample seed packet of Double Cosmos "Rose Bon Bon." On a cloudy day like today opening up this colorful media kit and spotting the cheerful seed packet was like a ray of sunshine. You can see all the new seed varieties here.

So, how did I get on the media list for Renee's Garden?

Renee's Garden, like Troy-Bilt, is one of the increasing number of garden companies that understands the value of garden bloggers and what we do. If you'd like to get on Renee's Garden media list; visit Renee's media page and send them an Email introducing yourself and your garden blog. Take the opportunity to showoff your blog by pointing them to your blog post with your best pictures, gardening tips or the most commented post.

If you're participating in the garden blogger GROW project, we'll be sending your information along but you can still contact Renee's Garden to say hello if you'd like.


Renee's Garden online seed catalog
Renee's Garden Blog
Renee's Garden on Twitter
Renee's Garden on Facebook


  1. I sure wish I'd come across this information sooner! I ordered some nasturtiums this year and would have been happy to participate. Ah well, I'll be doing my own "informal study" along with y'all :)

  2. Ooh la la... mine arrived, too!
    Last summer I had gorgeous Apricot Blush zinnias for months on end & really appreciated receiving the sample packet.
    Looking forward to these alluring cosmos. Alice

  3. Lisa,

    As you know you're already signed up. Glad to have you on board.

    Alice, I'll have to search your blog and see if I can find those zinnias they sound awesome. Look forward to the pics of your cosmos and comparing how they're doing against mine.


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