Mar 8, 2010

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page For Your Garden Blog

Are you using social media to promote your garden blog to reach new readers or keep older readers engaged? If you aren't, you should. One tool that I currently like is the fan page on Facebook. You don't need to be "famous" to have a fan page on Facebook either. Heck, if I can have one you can too. Setting up a fan page on Facebook for your garden blog is quick and painless.

To get started you need a personal Facebook account. If you want to keep your Facebook life and garden blogging life separate create another "personal" Facebook account to create and administer your fan page.

Once you've have the "personal" account issue sorted out: the easiest way to create a page is to visit an existing fan page.

On the left-hand side of any fan page near the bottom you'll see a link that reads "Create a Page," click this and go onto the next screen.

The next screen asks you for the category of your fan page. Under (1) "Brand, Product, or Organization" there is the option for "website." Under (2) "Artist, Brand or Public Figure" you can choose "other public figure" or "writer." Choosing either of these option is fine. When I started one for the MrBrownThumb blog I chose "writer" even though I don't fancy myself a writer. I thought about choosing "other public figure" because if you know me then you'd find it funny. Go with what you think describes you and your blog the best.

The next step is to choose a name. You can name it after your blog or name it after yourself, the choice is yours. Once you've done that click the Create Page button.

It will take you to your empty fan page. You should fill it with content by linking to your 10 latest posts, YouTube videos or uploading pictures. Your personal Facebook account picture will not be automatically used as the profile picture for your fan page, so upload an avatar logo or picture on the left-hand side.

The last step is to become a fan of yourself. Yes, that sounds funny but go ahead and do it anyway. After you've become a fan of your Facebook fan page invite your friends and family to do the same. Then make a post about your page on your blog so your readers know there is another place they can interact with you.

Some tips.

If you don't want your personal and blog life to mix create another account so you can create your fan page. You may already have an Email account to interact with your readers so use that Email account to create your page.

Fill your fan page with content. Add at least the last ten posts (or more) to your page (along with other content like pics and vids) before inviting people. Some Facebook accounts publish the activity of friends across walls. If your friends become fans then their friends will see that they've become fans and may be curious and check out the page. Give strangers a reason to become your "fan" by making yourself or your blog look as interesting as possible.

Suggesting to your friends that they become fans is perfectly acceptable. Although, personally, I won't become a fan of a page if I don't interact with the writer or blog. I've had a number of people add me as a friend on Facebook and the only interaction I have with them is ignoring their suggestions of becoming a fan of their page. The way I see it is: If you don't comment on my blog and I don't comment on yours and even though we're "friends" on Facebook we don't have any interaction I don't see the point of becoming your "fan." People are fans of things they like or interact with.

If you see that someone you know on the internet is a fan of your Facebook page, become a fan of theirs too as a way to say thanks or acknowledge that they cared enough to keep up with your blog.

Lastly, keep up with your fan page and respond to people who leave comments and have fun.

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  1. I've been thinking about creating a fan page..and now i think i just might do it!.. thanks!

  2. I've enjoyed using my blog's fan page. I think its a great way to communicate in small blurbs to people who follow your blog. You can import feeds from your blogs, give short messages to everyone, and post pictures you would like to share without writing a whole post about it.

  3. Anonymous3/09/2010

    I hadn't thought about doin this. But now I have and I believe I'll create one too! Thanks for the instructional!

    (Hello there Dave!)

  4. My blog automatically posts to my Facebook page, and it certainly generates interest. Well worth doing.

  5. Hi. I've got a fan page, and I like it. It was a bit confusing at first because you can set up all these automatic feeds (FB to Twitter, Twitter to your Blog, FB to your Blog...etc.). But, now I only have FB to Twitter on an automatic basis. I put a link to my blog each time I do a new blog post. The thing I like about the fan page is that rather than getting the party to come to my house (my blog), I go where the party is (Facebook). I get way more interaction with FB. Jeannie in Sacramento

  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    You're right it is better to go where the conversation is.

  7. I saw your page on FB --Charlotte had become a fan. I will try this, though I have my blog on the networked blogs app. --not sure if this will be overkill?

  8. Janet,

    I don't use networked blogs, but a fan page like this is would appeal or be a different audience. Meaning, readers and people interested in learning about gardening. While the networked apps appeals to bloggers and techies.

  9. ok thanks. Right now I have it in both places--a fan page and networked blogs. One nice thing about networked blogs is the auto feed--or have I just missed that capability on fan pages?

  10. Hi, thank you very much for your suggestions! I just discovered and like it very much. Started gardenblog under - but have written a whole lot more (excerpts on, hope my English is readable) So I'll follow the gardenbloggers from now on. Last year I was a month in Hastings and had the luck to see a lot of private gardens, the years before "Bed and breakfast for Garden Lovers", and this June I go to Edinburgh for a month. Toodlepip! Britta

  11. Good management for beginners

  12. Linked back to this post too. Going off to Like you on FB.


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