Apr 2, 2010

Nerdy Garden Blogs

The terms "garden nerd" and "seed nerd" get tossed around very liberally. How many garden bloggers are really nerds or have blogs that would hold the attention of serious nerds? Here are a few garden blogs that go beyond the garden journal format of most garden blogs and cover science or history in the garden.

Early American Gardens.
The Scientist Gardener.
Nature Nerd.
Garden History Girl.
The Garden Professors.
The Almond Doctor.


  1. Thanks for the garden nerd tips! I'll have to get around and visit :)

  2. Hi Tamara,

    No problem. You can always click the label and it will give you other themed roundups too.

  3. I just visited some of these blogs.. they do are gardening freaks. Plants and flowers.. that is their passion!


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