Apr 30, 2010

P. Allen Smith Veggie Gardening iPhone App (Free)

P. Allen Smith Veggie Gardening iPhone AppEarlier in the week I got an Email offering me the chance to preview the the Grow and Go Together iPhone App by P. Allen Smith and Bonnie Plants that is being launched next week. Unfortunately, my smartphone is more of a got-a-GED-phone so I can't download and use this app. But they're making the app available to garden bloggers who would like to test the app and review it before it goes "live" next week to the general gardening public.

This gardening how-to app is about growing herbs and vegetables and even includes "delicious" recipes that will help you make the most of your gardening bounty.

App features include:

  • Growing info for 50 vegetables and herbs
  • 50 recipes
  • Option to sort plants by season so you will know what to plant through the year
  • Veggie garden projects like building compost bins and cold frames
  • Veggie and herb gardening combos for container gardens

The person who handle's P. Allen Smith's Twitter account told me that it would be ok if I passed on the offer to garden bloggers. So, you can preview the app here. The password is "Bonnie." It will be available on Wednesday to the general public on PAllenSmith.com and BonniePlants.com and soon afterward on iTunes; unless Steve Jobs is a fan of Paul James "The Gardener Guy" in which case they'll find some reason to reject the app, ha!


  1. Hmm, I'm not sure about this technology thing actually IN the garden. Of course my cell phone is ancient Nokia technology, just a few steps removed from the big blocky phones. Can't even text - wouldn't know what to text if I could though. Anyway I guess it could be helpful for some. Now if they had an APP for weeding I'd be getting an iPhone in a heartbeat!

  2. If anyone is interested in more iPhone gardening apps, my company has just completed a brand new one called Gardening Toolkit. There's lots of plant information, photos, advice and and it even tells you when to plant things in your area. We're very proud of it!

    Search for 'Gardening Toolkit' at the App Store.

  3. Dave,

    LOL. Give it time, I'm sure someone will come up with an app for weeding.

    Thanks for the tip

  4. Would welcome your feedback if anyone used the app over the weekend! Let us know what you think. You can email at natalie@ghidotticommunications.com or find me on Twitter - @ghidotti. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous8/03/2010

    Also check out Garden Buddy for the math challenged gardeners among us..

    Features a number of handy calculators for Iphone gardeners as well as planting information.

    Also provides location based realtime lookup of garden suppliers, service providers and attractions with maps and turn by turn driving directions to the nearest farmers markets and many other gardening related places of interest.

    Product page:


    Itunes Page:



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