Jun 22, 2010

Social Media Buttons For Your Garden Blog

If you're the kind of garden blogger who participates in social media sites adding buttons to your blog that helps your friends and fans share your content is a good idea. Not only does it add a bit of interactivity to your blog beyond the comments section, it can expose you to new readers and friends.

social media buttons for your blog
You've probably seen or installed the ShareThis button on your blog or maybe individual gadgets in your sidebar that your readers can use to share across their networks. Some of them aren't very attractive and for some you may even have to tinker with the template of your garden blog. If editing your template has kept you from adding these buttons, there's good news! If you sign into Draft.Blogger.com, click on the "Design" link in the dashboard you'll end up in the "Page Elements" section of your blog. In the lower-right corner of the "Blog Posts" gadget there is the "Edit" link. Click on that and in the window that pops up you'll see the option to add a series of social media buttons to the footer of your posts. The social media buttons show up alongside the comments link and labels. For now the available options are to Email a post, blog a post, or to share on Google Buzz, Twitter or Facebook.

floating social media buttons like Mashable
If you're a reader of Mashable and a user of Blogger you've probably wondered how you can achieve a floating column of social media buttons like Mashable's on your blog. While Googling I came across  instruction on BloggerMint that I followed to install the floating social media buttons on my blog. I only had to add two pieces of code to my template to get it to work. You can check it out my garden blog, where it is only visible on post pages and not on the home page. Make sure you download and backup your template in case anything goes wrong. If you don't feel comfortable with editing the HTML of your template try it on a dummy blog first. What I like about this option is that the column moves up and down with the scrolling of the reader's mouse and is very prominent.

Do you use social media to promote your garden blog?


  1. I really like this feature and have added it to my blog (www.ryansgarden.co.uk). I generally use Twitter and Facebook to update readers to new posts and find that social media is a great tool for bloggers.

    Thanks for letting me know about this.


  2. Thanks so much for this! I just added me some buttons. I think I'm making peace with the new editor; I'm just never sure which config of photo uploader I'm going to get! Appreciate your support.

  3. I had no idea those social media buttons were there - quite an easy addition. Thanks!

  4. Yes I use social media buttons on my leavesnbloom blog along with the facebook like it" button.

    I never realised they were on blogger-in-draft - that certainly is very useful especially for some bloggers who don't like tampering with their html template.

  5. Great info, Mr BT
    Even though I have problems implementing new techie stuff.
    Maybe I'll get up the courage to try this!


    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  6. Hi Everyone,

    Glad you found the post useful and that you're going to try them out. I see on Ryan's blog that he opted for the floating button which is my fave. Now I just have to take my own advice and implement them here, amirite?

  7. Just thought I'd let you know that on the Mr. BrownThumb blog the bar shows up in the middle of posts... maybe its just because of my resolution. I probably will try it but change the positioning to flush left or right.

  8. Rainforest Gardener,

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to check it out on other computers. I wonder if it has something to do with your screen? I noticed your template (which is really awesome btw) is left justified and wondered if that was on purpose or a quirk when creating it. I'll also have to check mine with a couple of different browsers.

  9. It was intentional... I actually rebuilt the css and html so it fit what I was going after. I personally prefer to have some negative space to the right for the eye to rest, but I've only seen it on a few monitors. Does it look okay on yours?
    My monitor is only 1024x768, so thats probably why the bar covers part of the screen. I'll probably custom design one that shows up in the lower left hand corner.

  10. Yeah, I just looked at the code on the floating bar and its fixed at a specific distance from the left. That's why.

  11. Hi Rainforest Gardener,

    I had to redo my template there recently and I shortened the space between the gadget and the left side of the template. I'll do it some more since you're still having problems with it.

    If you do decide to do a custom button and care to share the code with the garden blogging community let me know. I'm trying to figure out how to put the RSS chicklet into the floating share box.

  12. Linked back to you. Thank you for your skilful ability to explain how to do it.

  13. good tip to get the social media buttons

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