Jul 8, 2010

July is Nasty Hot For the SeedGROW Project

A lot of the garden bloggers participating in the seed GROW project are experiencing really hot weather that isn't conducive to happy nasturtium growing. Fortunately, most of the gardeners finally have blooms to show off. Allow me to highlight a few of posts. The 6X8 Garden has the largest nasturtium leaf you'll ever see, Erin is also growing the reddest 'Spitfire' blooms of us all. Most of us seem to have blooms that are more orange than anything. Kylee, at Our Little Acre got a yellow nasturtium in the mix. Jenn at Jenn's Cooking Garden went out into her garden at night to see how the blooms looked in the dark.The Mini Gardener discovered that even though nasturtiums are suppose to hate being transplanted hers didn't seem to mind. Abbie at K-Town Homestead has a pretty thoughtful post on her nasturtiums and growing flowering plants in a potager garden in general. It is interesting to note that Abbie is my neighbor (not literally-miles apart. We live in the same part of Chicago where the streets begin with the letter K.) and her nasturtiums seem to be doing a lot better than mine. Although, I suspect I've had more blooms so far. Need something to do with your nasturtiums? Xan over at Mahlzeit provides us a scrumptious recipe for Nasturtium Dolma. I don't know what Dolma is but it looks tastier than it sounds.

Here is the complete list of seed GROW posts that have been post on the blog or I've come across. If I missed yours please let me know and if you're late, we'll still accept the link to your post.

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Gardenfaerie~ Keepin' on Keepin' On.
Miller Time~GROW Project: July Update.
Happy Hobby Habbit~ Grow Project, Post 5.
Life on The Balcony~ A Tale of Two Nasturtiums.
The Garden of Live Flowers~Irrational Exuberance . 
In The Garden Online~ July Seed GROW: A Flaw in My Plans. 
Our Little Acre~Seed GROW Project: July Update.
The 6X8 Garden~GROW-July Update.
Cheesehead Gardening~Seed GROW Project July Update.
True Epicure~ Hot.
Mahlzeit~ Nasturtiums are not just for salads.
The Home Garden~ Grow Project Hangin' in There.
Read Between the Limes~ July Seed GROW Project.
Garden Mom29~ Month of Extremes.
Garden Girl~ Nasties on the Move.
The Indoor Garden(er)~ Seed GROW project #4.
K-Town Homestead~ Flowers in Vegetable Garden.
Brown Thumb Mama~ Seed GROW Project: Baking in the Sun.
Jenn's Cooking Garden~ Getting your Nasties on at night! A nighttime look at the "spitfire"
Get in the Garden~  Seed GROW Project: Spitfire-works in July.
Gardening in my Rubber Boots~ Maybe Nasturtiums Like Torrential Rains.
The Mini Garden Guru~ SeedGROW Project #3-Planted and Blooming.
Really Rose~ My Spitfires 
MrBrownThumb~ Will be combing July's post with August because he's the organizer and can do that.

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for   the GROW  project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."
UPDATE: Seed GROW participants: There's a book review offer available to you here.

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