Aug 11, 2010

Blogger's New Commenting System Catches Spam For You

If your garden blog has been hit by spam you probably resorted to locking down your comments feature to only users with a Google ID or adding comment moderation. But there's good new on the comment front. Blogger is introducing a new spam filtering system. They're integrating  Gmail's spam filtering is a sign of easier comment moderation to come.

What's new? A spam filtering tab that catches spam comments and allows you to delete them from your dashboard or mark them "not spam" if they were accidentally labeled spam by the filter. These comments that the filter catches as spam are not visible to readers.

There's also a new comments "inbox" where you can moderate your comments from. Here you can mark your comments as spam or delete them or "remove content." What remove content does is allow you to remove the text.

These updates to how we manage comments will make managing our garden blogs on Blogger a bit easier and allow us to remove the hurdles we put up to block spammers. The new comments system on Blogger is being rolled out and it may take a while before these new features show up for all bloggers. Hopefully the next improvement to the commenting system on Blogger is threaded comments.

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  1. Threaded comments?! That is the one thing that pulls me towards Wordpress.

  2. I like all this new stuff but I hope the threaded commenting is next on their agenda!

  3. This is a good feature - I had just moved my blog from word verification to approval moderation a few days before the new feature was rolled out and I think its a great benefit to all blogger accounts.

  4. I'm luckily pretty new to the blogging game so I've only found spam twice, and both times they were on old posts so I automatically was notified to moderate them.
    By the way, be sure to tell me what you think about my new format on my blog! I've finally learned how to use the jump break, and some other neat little tidbits.

  5. @Elephant's Eye & @Dave, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on threaded comments. So far, they've been giving us everything on our "want list."

    @leavesnblooms, @Rainforest Gardener I use word verification and moderate posts older than a year and after the rollout of this feature I had a spike in spam that got through. Hopefully they're able to fine tune it so it catches this spam.

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