Sep 17, 2010

New "Simplicity" Template in Blogger Template Designer

 The Blogger team has added a new simple template to the Blogger Template Designer gallery. If you were a fan (raises hand) of the "Minima" layout template you may enjoy "Simplicity." Without the backgrounds, borders, and graphics of other templates "Simplicity" looks fresh and clean. Like with all of the other new templates you can customize this new template to your heart's desire. If you're looking for a template that allows your garden photography to be the main focal point this may be the best option for you out of the current selection.

Read more about "Simplicity" here.


  1. This one is nice theme by blogger :)

  2. I started my blog with the minima, and it made it much easier to customize the css bit by bit, while keeping a clean and fast loading blog at all stages of the process. If the simplicity theme is half as good, its worth checking out. I'm tired of people's blogs lagging from some of the new templates offered.

  3. Yeah it can be a little annoying with some of the new templates. Hopefully they figure out a way to make them faster to load. I know they switched the number of posts displayed per page for this reason.


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