Oct 8, 2010

Blogger Crowdsourcing Ideas Once Again

The Blogger team is once again soliciting input on ways to make Blogger better from us users. The last time Blogger crowdsourced ideas for improvements and features we ended up with cool new things like the template designer, better comment moderation, static pages and jump breaks in the posts. To participate go to the Google Product Ideas for Blogger page and vote on your favorite suggestions or make one of your own.

You can also read more about the announcement on Blogger Buzz.

Update: Looking over the current crop of suggestions I came across these three that are already somewhat available.

Twitter integration! Right now I use TwitterFeed to have my new blog posts show up in Twitter, but it sure would be nice to have Blogger talk to my Twitter account directly!
LauraG, Timberlake NC 

You can use FeedBurner to automatically post a link to your latest post to Twitter.

Reuse blog template for multiple blogs: I would like it if the Template Designer let me grab the template (with all special formatting, gadgets, etc.) from one of my existing blogs to apply to another blog quickly & easily.
LauraG, Timberlake NC  

If you have customized a template and would like to use it at more than one blog, simply go to Edit HTML and click the link that reads "Download Full Template." Save it somewhere on your computer. When you start your next blog, again, go to Edit HTML and upload the template you saved in the field right below the Download Full Template link.

I would love it if you could make the navbar go away. I hate it! Sometimes the "Next Blog" button leads to an inappropriate blog. I hate hate hate this!!!
Coby The Webmaster, somewhere  

I don't recommend removing the navbar from blogger completely, but there is a hack that hides the navbar unless someone hovers the mouse over it. I use it at the MrBrownThumb Garden Blog and on this blog. You can learn how to hide Blogger's navbar here.

If I come across any more of these feature requests that you can already do I'll update this post.


  1. Thank you. I have put in my votes and ideas. And are there ever ideas there! As you point out, some are already sorted ;>)


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