Oct 26, 2010

Facebook Pages Filtering Spam

Facebook pages spam filtering

Last month Facebook began testing filtering spam comments posted onto the walls of pages. Today I noticed the announcement message at the top of my pages, and checked the new spam button. The spam filter isn't seen by people who like your page, only by the admin. I assume there is, or will be, a way to approve message that are caught by Facebook's spam filter that aren't actually spam, but I don't see how to do it off the bat. Coincidentally, at the same time I checked the spam filter I just the "just others" filter and noticed a spam comment on the wall. So, the spam filter seems to still need some work. The screen grab is from the Garden Bloggers Facebook page. Do you have a Facebook page for your garden blog? See how to create a Facebook page for your blog.

Update: The way to move a post on your wall from the spam filter is by clicking on the "X" in the upper-right corner of the comment and clicking the option to unmark it as spam.


  1. In my plants pages facebook page also, I saw this feature. As I have very few fans as of now, I don't have much spam posts or comments on my fanpage wall.

  2. Plant Pages,

    It doesn't take a lot of fans to get spammers. One of my pages only has like 66 "fans" and it gets spammed a lot. Hopefully, you won't encounter this. Good luck with building your readership on FB.


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