Oct 28, 2010

From Garden Blog to Garden Book

Here are a few interesting links for garden bloggers and writers thinking of making the leap to self-publishing a garden book. Last fall Blogger announced a partnership with Blog2Print that allows you to turn your blog into a book. Since then there have been a few improvements to the process like the offering of two different layout options and allowing you to choose which posts will be in your new book. Kind of similar to Lulu but perhaps a bit simpler.

Earlier in the month Fast Company asked if Borders' new self-publishing tool would make blogs smarter or books dumber? Borders has partnered with BookBrewer to make the ability to self-publish easier and less expensive as the cost includes ISBN coverage for your publication. How do you feel about the opportunity of making the archive of your garden blog into an e-book so people could read it when they aren't connected to the internet? 

Finally, NPR has a story on Sci-Fi's Cory Doctorow's foray into self-publishing and the way he's harnessing his social media community to do everything from helping copy edit his new book, to helping him sell it. The sales figures Mr. Doctorow mentions sure make self-publishing tempting, doesn't it? Now if only one could get 82 thousand followers on Twitter too.

When is your self-published garden book coming out?

Update: Just remembered this story by self-described "cult author" on how & why he went the self-publishing route. If you're interested in publishing a book that isn't heavy on pictures of graphics this may be of interest to you.


  1. Thanks for this information. I have thought for quite some time about making an ebook of my garden blog. I have self-published a couple of print books through Lightning Source but one of these sites might be much simpler. I assume I could make a widget on my blog to link to Barnes & Noble's link for my book. This is definitely something I will think about.

  2. Interesting post, Mr BT,
    I've been considering --beginning to do research-- about eBooks as I expect the rights for my last two published books to revert back to me.
    I certainly don't want them to enter the public domain and have one of the online giants give them away as electronic content. They are all text (with line drawings) so I think I could get them updated rather painlessly, compared to the years of work that went into them!

  3. @KMG, Wow, that's cool. If you are interested you could do a guest post here about your experience self-publishing a book. Yeah, the widget would be easy to do. Just make a picture that links to your book.

    @Alice, Same goes for you. If you consider jumping into the fray of ePublishing feel free to pitch a guest post about the experience. You two would be blazing a trail for us garden bloggers.

  4. Wait a minute...
    $14.95 for a single copy?
    Does this mean we'd have to pay $15 per book if we wished to give out our books? Ouch!


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