Nov 24, 2010

New Fonts In Blogger In Draft

Google Web Fonts can help you customize your Blogger garden blog and help you stand out from other garden blogs using similar templates. There are several fonts available in Blogger in Draft that you can choose from to customize your blog.

Blogger Web Fonts

Here's a screenshot of my experimentations with Web Fonts. You can use a different font for various sections. Make note of the arrows in the header, horizontal navigation bar, post title and sidebar title. I used a different font in each section to give you an idea of what you can do.

To customize your fonts log into Blogger in Draft, click Design then the Advanced tab and take some new fonts for a spin.


  1. Thank you for these tips and so many others. I will check this out!

  2. Wonderful - I used to host my title fonts at but it took forever to load my page up so I went back to the blogger ones. I must check this out :) Thankyou

  3. Great but you need to consider readability. Research shows that Verdana is the most readable font online, so worth considering this for actual posts etc and leave the fancy fonts for e.g. blog header

  4. @Carol, You're welcomed.

    @Leavesnbloom, Hopefully you find one that you like because the slow-loading blog is not a good thing to have.

    @VP, On top of the readability of the font, we should take into consideration how they're spaced. I generally try to keep the main area to about 12-13 words per line for the same reason. I don't like fancy fonts in the text. Looking at the screencap I can see I only tested the fancy fonts for Blogger in the titles because they wouldn't be very readable in large blocks. Thanks for bringing up the issue.

  5. A long time ago I remember reading that font choice effects SEO. Is that still true?


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