Dec 27, 2010

20 Garden Bloggers With 40+ @Klout Scores

Top Garden blogs Klout Scores

If you're a garden blogger with a competitive streak, or a marketer looking to connect with the top garden blogs, there are several ways you could rank a garden blog's influence. You could check a garden blog's page rank, the number of inbound links, the number of comments or the Technorati ranking of a blog. A garden bloggers sphere of influence may extend beyond a blog and fellow garden bloggers. While social media sites may seem like a waste of time they have broadened the audience for many garden blogs and created a whole new breed of online influencers.

Klout, a social media analytics company, measure influence on Twitter and allows marketers to target influential Twitter users. In October Klout's list of the top Mommy Bloggers made the rounds on Twitter and it got me wondering who some of the top garden bloggers were.

Below a list of 20 garden bloggers with 40+ Klout scores.
  1. Twitter: @MyRubberBoots Blog:
  2. Twitter: @GardenFaerie Blog: 
  3. Twitter: @MrBrownThumb Blog: 
  4. Twitter: @SharingGarden Blog:
  5. Twitter: @C_Vanderlinden Blog: 
  6. Twitter: @TorontoGardens Blog:
  7. Twitter: @ContainerGarden Blog: 
  8. Twitter: @Lelonopo Blog:
  9. Twitter: @MalvernMeet Blog:
  10. Twitter: @CristinaGardens Blog:
  11. Twitter: @BetweenTheLimes Blog:
  12. Twitter: @YouGrowGirl Blog:
  13. Twitter: @ZanthanGardens Blog:
  14. Twitter: @Heavy_Petal Blog:
  15. Twitter: @FromTheSoil Blog: 
  16. Twitter: @RainForestGardn Blog:
  17. Twitter: @PlantPassion Blog:
  18. Twitter: @Back40feet Blog:
  19. Twitter: @HostaGeek Blog:
  20. Twitter: @AnnieInAustin Blog: 

The list was complied by checking the Klout scores of garden bloggers I follow on Twitter with my personal account and the @GardenBlogger account over the course of a few days. It took me a while to find 20 garden blogger with Klout scores over 40, but once I did I noticed that many garden bloggers had Klout scores higher than those on Klout's list of the top mommy bloggers. The other interesting thing to note here is that many garden bloggers fall into the same demographic as mommy bloggers (as do their readers), but garden bloggers don't get the same kind of love from marketers. You can proof my list or check your own Klout score at their website.

What's your Klout score? Do you even care? Maybe you should.


  1. Yay! Another number to fuss over and be competitive about.

  2. Sweet! I didn't know I had any influence! It must have caught me on a good/chatty week. ;)

  3. Mine's 36. Dang, almost made it! :)

  4. Hey, great research!

    Chuffed to be on the Klouty list with all these other wonderful bloggers - many friends. But will go right now and check out the ones I don't know. Interesting comparison you make with the mom bloggers. Not really sure about the love mom bloggers get from marketers. Do you mean advertising?

  5. Oh bummer, I'm only at 31. And I never seem to to update my blog, that could be a problem....but the list above is a great group - I enjoy chatting with most of them on a regular basis!

  6. Ok, a question. Blogs of influence how? Does this relate to SEO performance or does it pertain to influence within the Garden blog world? Can you describe a bit the kind of inluence these blogs have?

  7. @Kat, I know, right? LOL.

    @Angela, You're more influential than you think you are. I know when I see you post something to Twitter I'm paying attention.

    @Aerelon, That's hilarious. Yours was one of those account I kept checking and forgetting that I checked. So everytime I saw it I was like, "dang, 36!"

    @Sarah, Both you and your sister are 40+ but I only listed one of you since you're a team blog. Yeah, there's advertising, promotions and freebies, but mostly if one of them were to pitch a fit online the company would probably do something. Last year one of these famous moms (#3 on the list linked above) pitched a fit over a broken washing machine and caused such a storm on Twitter that she got an offer for a new one from a competing manufacturer and other stuff. It was hilarious but also one of the most disgusting displays of #firstworldproblems I've ever seen.

    Considering that some garden bloggers and writers already have an inflated sense of self, maybe it is a good thing we don't have the cred of mommy bloggers.

    @Amy, 30s are good numbers, nothing to be ashamed of and you get the best out of Twitter because you use it to interact with people and enjoy it.

    @The Campfire Place, Although SEO and your ranking could be an offshoot of being influential, that's not what I'm talking about in this post. Influence in terms of convincing people to do something, whether that is buying, donating or helping spread the about an issue or cause.

  8. So mine is 51. This is good, right? All these numbers... I honestly don't pay much attention to them anymore, because frankly, I don't have time. I'm too busy blogging and writing! LOL

  9. @Kylee, Glad to hear that your writing and blogging is keeping you so busy that you're not paying attention to these silly things anymore. Sometimes I still scratch my head over the Email you sent me when I failed to mention your Mousie nomination when I did my roundup of some of the nominees. LOL. Boy was that a weird exchange.

  10. I hope that I can someday be as aloof of these things as Kylee is, but for the time being, WOOHOO! I had no idea that I would rank on anything like that... and I'm very impressed that they pegged me as a specialist! Seems about right...

  11. I have influence? Ha ha ha. Some people I went to high school with *must* be notified. HA!!!

  12. Anonymous12/28/2010

    Wow, I had no idea I could be a cool kid with my score and not even know it! Thanks for posting, this was pretty fascinating!

  13. Our klout is 55 (@CostaFarms), but we aren't a 'blogger' per se. Anywho, congrats all who made the list… Having a high klout is good stuff :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Let me correct myself and try this again!

    Oh, I'm not aloof about it really, it's just that there are so many lists and so many numbers, that honestly, how CAN you keep track of all that? One could spend inordinate amounts of time just checking these lists and those numbers! I'm the kind of person that if there becomes too much of anything, I just am overwhelmed and don't deal with it.

    I shop like that, too. One time, I went into a Benetton store to buy one of the very cute t-shirts they had in primary colors. The shirt was only $16, so I felt like I could afford one. But did I come out of the store as the proud owner of a Benetton t-shirt? Nope. Want to know why? I couldn't decide which color to buy. There were too many choices. True story. That's just me.

    I don't feel like our exchange was strange at all. For someone to do a story about the winners of the Mousies and not mention someone who was nominated in seven categories strikes me as strange, but that's okay, really! I shouldn't have said anything at all, since I was apparently misunderstood. Sorry for that! You know me better than that, MBT! It really wasn't that big of a deal - I was just curious, that's all. I actually had forgotten about it until you just now mentioned it again.

  16. I'm going to start using my Klout score on my resume. SNORT! SNORT!

    Seriously, I take this stuff with a grain of salt.

  17. @CostaFarms, That's a pretty good score. For a company like yours you could use a social media analytics tool like Klout to choose garden bloggers to reach out to for your campaigns.

    @Kylee, I get what you mean about that. Although, I have to point out that the post in question wasn't about the winner, but the nominees and mostly about how the indoor gardening/houseplant bloggers had gotten so much love compared to previous years. It was weird to me because I never took you for the kind of person to care about things like rankings and listings.

    @Lelo, I see what you did there. LMAO. I bet once people learn more about scores like the one Klout provides we'll see some of that.

  18. If you are only using Twitter to rank blogs you are missing the boat and providing a very shallow service. Twitter is really a flash in the pan and worthless at best. Folks who are real gardeners get their hands dirty and do not really give a $hi! about Twitter

  19. mrbrownthumb.blogspot not found on a search
    one of your top blogs not found proves my point
    you need to get a new algorithm to get the facts straight

  20. Firefox can't find the server at

    two of the first three not found
    again redo you criteria you are failing miserably

  21. In October? Way out of date in internet time.....again real gardeners do not give a crap about twitter

  22. @Greg, You sound like all those old people and journalists in the late 90s who were saying the same thing about blogs and blogging. Now look at you all.

    Look, I know you're just trying to troll and I appreciate you driving up the pageviews on this blog that I neglect, but you need better game than this.

    A) Nobody is using Twitter to rank blog. Try reading the post before making an ass of yourself. I'm using KLOUT to rank garden bloggers on TWITTER.

    B) You couldn't find my MrBrownThumb blog on a search? LMAO. What are you searching with a bloodhound and a magnifying glass?

    C) Thanks for pointing out that the link to Monica's blog was broken. Apparently the post editor was rendering / incorrectly. I fixed it.

    D) I'm sorry you or one of your friends didn't get included in my listing. But is isn't always about you.

    P.S. I loved you in the Home Alone movies when I was a kid.

  23. Wow, this guy really has beef with twitter.

    Here's my constructive criticism:
    No offense greg, but your audience might leave more comments and become more engaged if you participated in social media more.

    Bright blue text on green is called flaming text and is a big nono and so was the red text. My eyes are burning.

    Oh, and real gardeners write about gardening, not scatterbrained Glenn Beck-ish angry ranting.

  24. Another interesting discussion you have started, Mr. BrownThumb.

    My score was 47 and like Steve I've been pegged as a specialist...but in what? Well, apparently in some things that I do chat about: gardening and Vancouver. But most of the topics are in things I can't even imagine tweeting about: Buddhism (lovely but I'm not Buddhist nor have I ever tweeted about it), insurance (what the?), Climbing (vines maybe?).

    This summary doesn't leave me wanting to pay for the full service. But it was interesting to have a look at.

  25. MrBT
    These things pique my curiosity, so there you go!
    I find a score of 52 for the handle I use most often, but here's the fun part. In the content analysis my topics read: Gardening / Travel and Tourism / AND .... Scone! Not a clue what that's about :-0

  26. Cool. I'm just glad to know some people out there are reading my blog. I'm always surprised when non-gardening friends tell me in person that they read my blog regularly. Because they aren't commenters, I don't realize who all is "watching!"

  27. Diana, do you use Google analytics? It's really a great way to see what kind of traffic your blog receives, and where they were referred from.

  28. Another interesting post and comments MrBT.

    I heard about Klout a while ago but dismissed it as I'm such a newbie on Twitter. I guess arranging a Bloggers' get together gets you noticed a bit quicker ;)

    Having followed your links, it looks like it depends on how active you were on Twitter when the stats were done. Whilst it's nice to be 'recognised' by these things (and actually I value your recognition even more by linking to me here), it all depends on the quality of the calculation doesn't it? This one seems to be dependent on the URL shortener used as a key component. I'm sure there's plenty of people with real 'clout' who don't feature on 'Klout' simply because of certain choices they've made in the way they interact with Twitter.

    As usual these things raise more questions than answers...

  29. (I did attempt to correct my error in my comment, but forgot to correct one word. Sorry.)

    Seriously, I'd never heard of Klout before this post, so there might be your proof that I truly don't pay much attention to things like this. They're fun to look at, but I don't place much stock in them. Rankings and listings are numerous and each will give you a different picture. The only numbers I ever check on my blog are the Sitemeter ones that are e-mailed to me each day and I'll occasionally look to see how many "liked" my Facebook page. If Sitemeter's didn't arrive automatically, I wouldn't look at those very often either.

    I'm disappointed though that you chose to make public the exchanges between us that were in private e-mails. I e-mailed you because we were friends and I thought perhaps I'd done something to offend you, if you remember correctly. My e-mail to you back in April I think it was (?) didn't have anything to do with rankings or listings. It had to do with a relationship, and THAT is what I care more about.

  30. as always, an informative post, and I learned about something I hadn't heard of prior to this. My klout score apparently is 51, which I guess is good. But mostly, I care about social media as a way of keeping in touch with other gardeners and writers and photographers and other friends, a way of learning more, and of sharing what I learn.

    I don't know that Twitter OR Facebook OR Klout will help me sell more books when that time comes (am fine with that because really, I'm a regional semi-specialist who knows my neck of the woods very well but I'm not in the US or in a part of where I could have possibly hundreds of thousands of potential readers/customers. That's fine with me, too. I just like the networking and friendships that have been nurtured in the past nearly five years since I signed onto the blogosphere. Some of you I count as cherished friends, some I've been thrilled to see take off and develop a living from what started as a hobby. Like you, MBT. I hope by now all your hard work is paying the rent, and more than that. Happy New Year.

  31. MBT - I think you should do a list of the top 10 most irrelevant garden bloggers. Surely I'd make that! LOL Or the top 10 abandoned garden blogs??

  32. For some reason while reading these comments I'm reminded of my dog, who when people are home, doing their own thing, he has to sit down in the middle of the room and chew something up to get our attention. Unsure what prompted that thought....

    I like Gina's idea, but maybe Top 10 Abandoned or Hopelessly and Chronically Off-Topic Garden Blogs....

  33. I love the way you think - and share! DUDE - do you have a minute to tweet me how to find MY score?

  34. FOUND IT! How cool is that?! You are at the top of my garden blogging list Mr. BrownThumb. I think this interesting : stats based on actual twitter users and where they are clicking is very interesting if you are trying to get your information out there. Happy New Year!

  35. this is great. my sister, @juliegallaher, is a CEO coach, and etc. Always encouraging me to try new things. She's been talking about Klout lately and I didn't get it. This social media stuff is like a board game. Fun earning points!

  36. Oh wow.. I loved your list.I can learn a thing or two from these expert garden bloggers. I have a way to go to be one among them...

  37. This is a very interesting post! I had no idea about these stats...I don't use my twitter account as often as I should...and I often don't even update on my facebook page...maybe I should smarten myself up! haha
    Thanks for the information...I have enjoyed my visit here today!
    Brenda speaks highly of you and sent me to read this thanks Bren!

  38. Oh cool - I have a Klout score of 47 (@treesandshrubs). I wonder how you raise your score.

  39. Klout score of 47 for @growninthecity (! Pretty good, though I'm unsure how they categorize these things - do those stats tell you how helpful the blog actually is, or does it just rank how much twitter noise/facebook noise there is? I bet it's the latter!


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