Dec 11, 2010

Control Feed Length With Blogger's Jump Break

One way of dealing with feed scrapers is not to publish a feed for your garden blog at all. Since a lot of garden blog readers keep up with blogs this way, this isn't really the smartest choice. One option is to limit the length of your feed using the feed settings under Settings> Site Feed in Blogger's dashboard. This allows you to choose whether your subscribers get a short or full version of your feed. If you use Feedburner (owned by Google) you can also limit the length of the feed using Summary Burner under the Optimize tab. Both of these feed shortening methods work well to slow down feed scrapers, but Blogger just introduced a new way to shorten your feed.

Use the Jump Break ("read more") feature to control exactly how much of your feed RSS subscribers of your garden blog can see without visiting your blog. Simply choose Until Jump Break from the Settings> Site Feed> Allow Blog Feeds. Place the jump break below the first few words, first paragraph wherever on your blog you want. By clicking on the "read more" link your readers will be directed to your blog for the rest of the post. 


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  1. good to know how and why to use this feature! thanks!


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