Dec 8, 2010

Reporting Copyright Violations on Blogger Blogs

In Feed Scrapers I, Feed Scrapers II and Feed Scrapers III we provided information on how to protect your garden blog from feed scrapers and assorted plagiarist who will take content from your garden blog and republish it to their own sites. Among the information you'll find in those post are details on how to get your copyrighted material taken down from those sites. What we didn't cover was how to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint with Google if the person stealing your content is using Blogger.

Two weeks ago I filed two complaints with Google for two separate Blogger hosted blogs who were republishing content from the MrBrownThumb blog without my permission or even attribution. In one instance the use was a photo and in the other it was an entire post with all the text and images. 

The first step was clicking on the Report Abuse link found at the top of Blogger blogs.*

Copyright complaint Blogger blogs

The next screen asks you to fill out the type of complaint you're reporting the blog for. 

Reporting copyright violations from Blogger

I chose the Copyright/Piracy issues option since I was reporting a blog that was "stealing" my content. The next page explains the options available to you when someone using Blogger is stealing your content. Click on the "file a DMCA complaint" link. The next page you're directed to is the Blogger DMCA complaint page which explains your options and gives you instructions on how to submit a complaint in writing. There is also the option at this page to file a complaint online for Blogger blogs. Click on the "online form" link on this page which will take you to the DMCA Blogger infringement form. Fill out all of the information it asks you for. Don't forget to provide links to your blog posts AND to the post(s) you're reporting on the offenders blog. There's a box that ask for URL to links to third parties where people can download copyrighted material. This didn't apply to me so I just added "N/A" and hoped for the best. 

Two days after I completed and submitted the complain I got an Email from Google telling me the pictures and posts had been removed and the Blogger informed/warned of why it was removed. The Email also included a link to the posts I had reported to show that they had indeed taken action. 

I'm pleased with how painless Google has made the process of removing stolen content from Blogger blogs and how fast they responded. 

* If the Blogger navigation bar has been removed from the offending blog skip to the DMCA Blogger infringement form linked above.


  1. Great information...
    What is your feeling of Excerpts used with Read More linking back to your original site?

  2. My latest post seems to be showing on 2 other sites thanks to google alerts. My only problem is that one of the sites has its bandwidth exceeded so I can't see if I am just linked to or photos and words copied. When I click on the other alert I can't see my post though I see it is a "farm" of info on the subject I've just blogged about. Neither sites are blogs.

    I had not used the message at the top of my posts for the last few blog posts as my blog feed is the short one. I've just changed that and from now on there will be all those links at the top of the blog post.

  3. Chuck, It depends. If it is a "legit" share then I don't mind and technically it is fair use. Although, some scrapers take advantage of this to pump up their own websites that eventually are sold. You may have an instance where you have to click the link to the original source 3-4 times before it actually takes you there. Other times you may have websites that use the no-follow attribute, making the link practically worthless.

    @leavesnbloom, Hope you're able to figure it out soon. Since I've started using the chunk of text at the top of my blog I've noticed that I've had less scrapings.

  4. I've used this form to complain about scrapers and have not yet heard anything from google ?

  5. Melanie, I know it is frustrating when it is happening to you, but wait a few days. I think it took two business days for me to get a reply from when I reported a Blogger blog. In the meantime make sure you did everything right. If there's a mistake in the process that could delay your complaint or possibly have it ignored.

    Until then: use the tips to shorten your feed so the scrapers can't take much of your content.


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