Apr 24, 2011

Gardeners Review Pots And Baskets Made From Recycled Tires

Garden Bloggers review products

Flat tires get an encore with Flat Tire Décor proving that "Black is the new Green." Tires that would otherwise end up part of the waste stream get a second life in the home and garden through Flat Tire Décor as decorative or utilitarian baskets & pots for use either inside the home or in the garden. These spent tires are sourced in Chicago, Illinois then are processed in Milwuakee, Wisconsin before they're assembled by people with disablities and turned into durable and useful products once again.

Flat Tire Décor approached me to select 10 bloggers to take one of their products for a spin and provide an honest review. Below is the link list of the gardeners participating in the review along with the dates their reviews will go live on each of their blogs. Each blogger was selected for their distinct voice and their impressions of the product are their own. In order to assure that each review is an honest assessment of the product they received neither of the bloggers was compensated monetarily.

To learn more about the Flat Décor collection of pots, baskets and entrance mats made from recycled tires visit Flat Tire Décor

If you're a company or organization that would like to arrange a review or your product or service send me a message. If you're a garden blogger that would like to be considered for product reviews sign up here.


  1. Bummer, I wish I would have signed up sooner as I would have LOVED to review these. I've almost bought them a couple of times!

  2. I have a couple of the planters and I really like them. They are lighter than ceramic, which makes them more portable... but heavier than plastic so my plants won't fall over outside in the summer. I love the "green" aspect too! Have fun with the reviews, looking forward to what you all think of them.


  3. Don't grow edibles in them. Remember they still contain petroleum distillates.

  4. I posted about the product today, MBT. Here's the link:



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