Jul 12, 2011

Blogger's New Interface Available in Blogger in Draft

Blogger's updated user interface mentioned in The Amazing Changes Coming to Blogger, is available in Blogger in Draft. To access the new interface and to set it as your default interface, before it is released to everyone, log into Blogger in Draft. Everything is pretty much the same, just with a face lift, and works as you're accustomed to. Some of the changes include a cleaner Dashboard, your blog stats available in the dashboard, and the current selection of links whittled down to three. The links to post, stats, comments, templates and settings are nested under the arrow next to the icon of the house.

If you hate the size and styling of the current post editor, feast your eyes on the new post editor! The box where you type in your posts has been centered, and the whole interface is much cleaner, resembling that of Google Docs. Sometimes choosing a label for a post requires unnecessary scrolling in the current interface. So I really appreciate the post options being moved to the right of the screen instead of keeping them below the box where you post.

Overall there's not much to fear in the new user interface for Blogger that we will all have to use soon. Sure, some of the choices may be organized in a new way and it may take you a minute or two learn where to click, but I think it works pretty well. So far there doesn't seem to be anything revolutionary being done, just a general aesthetic overhaul to bring Blogger in line with the rest of the Google brand and make it look like Google Plus, the new "Dense" theme available for Gmail, and the homepages of Google Image search.

Anything you like about the new interface or absolutely can't stand?


  1. Oh my. I have been waiting for a HUGE writing interface for years! This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the good news.

  2. Two minor things:

    I hate the labels when you choose which ones for your blog post - at the moment the list is in complete words, the new interface chops them mid word so they fit in the pop up window. It looks clunky and could be easily remedied :(

    And unlike you I really hate items being moved around - it's one of the fundamentals of user friendly computing: only do this if you really have to. As there isn't much new functionality in the new interface I don't see why they needed to chop and change things around.


  3. I'm still getting lost with it - though speeding up. I'm glad I know what I'm looking for, I'd be thrown if I were just starting to blog. (Still can't find some settings.)

    The only thing I think is at fault with it (rather than with me) is that there isn't a slide for going up and down the compose page (though there is on the equivalent page written in html).

    Or is that a problem I've created and I can retrieve it from somewhere?



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