Jul 15, 2011

Get Google+ Tips From A Garden Blogger

Wondering what Google+ is all about, or trying to make sense of all the options available? Last night I connected with M. Sinclair Stevens, of Zanthan Gardens, on the site and started reading her posts explaining the various features and tools available in Google+. She's sharing a lot of cool information that I hadn't figured out on my own and probably wouldn't have had I not connected with her.

Just remember that Google+ may be exposing pictures from your blog. I still haven't gotten a satisfactory answer on how to fix that, but when and if I do, I'll update.

Some posts of her's to get you started:

Sharing is enabled not constrained.
Discovering People.
Two Ways of Sharing Content.
Sorting People.
Reducing the Noise in Your Reader's Stream.
Invite & Bounce.
Use circles to Introduce People.

Update: Here's a "cheat sheet" that tells you all the tips and tricks of playing around with photos in Google Plus. The sheet is available in several languages   


  1. After reading those, it does seem like Google+ could replace a lot of other social media in my life, which would be awesome! I just have to get all my friends to migrate there...

  2. That's great! I've been adding circles and responding to circles, but haven't had any time to figure out why! Glad to have so much info in one place.

  3. The last time I checked it out they said they were at capacity and would email me when they could accommodate more members.

    I wonder if I have time for another social networking site - I can barely keep up with facebook, and am very sporadic on twitter. :)


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