Jul 14, 2011

The Time Garden Rant Saved Julie Bass From Going To Jail

On July 6th during #SeedChat on Twitter participant @GoodGreenGuru tweeted us about the Oak Park Hate Veggies Facebook page created to support Julie Bass who had come under attack, and threatened with jail time, by her city for creating a veggie garden in her front yard.  At the time the story hadn’t reached critical mass, but after Colleen posted about it to TreeHugger the story hit the big time. It made the rounds of Twitter, Facebook, countless blogs and media outlets.

One of those blogs that picked up the story after it had been propelled by others was Garden Rant. Today, Garden Rant posted an update that the charges against Julie Bass had been dropped. In the post Amy Stewart writes,

I'd like to think that we can all take credit for making a ruckus in the blogosphere, but it's also possible that city officials simply took a minute to think things through and came to the only logical conclusion, which is that people should be able to grow a little fresh food in a few raised beds in their front yard, for chrissakes.”  

I’m sure you would, Amy. But the truth is that some of us remember the rant you people posted last year attacking “ugly” vegetable gardens and how garden bloggers rose up against you. Have you forgotten these posts?

ReadBetweenTheLimes: My Ugly Garden.
Blooming Writer: I may have an ugly garden. Depends on what day you look.
SnarkyVegan: My most embarrassing ugly vegetable garden photos from 2009.
The Kat's Garden: Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.
Happy Hobby Habit: Ugly Garden Silence.
Terra Mirabilis: Is your veggie garden ugly.
Growing The Home Garden: Gardening Rules to Live and Garden by.
Gardening in My Rubber Boots: My Veggie Garden Evolution.
My Northern Garden: Are Ugly Gardens A Feminist Issue?
My Skinny Garden: My Name is Gina. My Garden is a Mess.

The Julie Bass victory is not something you can take credit for in any way. It is in fact a victory against people like you, your elitist attitudes, and the sycophants in your comments lasts year that applauded the rant against ugly vegetable gardens.


  1. AMEN. I hadn't seen the GR post yet. Amazing. Just amazing. Wasn't there something in their original ugly garden rant about those of us with ugly gardens giving "good" gardeners (like them, one would suppose...) a bad name? lol

    Very, very glad the charges were dropped. The heroes here are all of the people who wrote, emailed, and called city officials to protest this BS.

  2. I just heard on the local news the charges were dropped, though they're now on the Basses' asses about not having their dogs registered (which they did).
    P.S. Lord knows my memory is as small as my ego is huge, but I recall GGG mentioning it several times without actually posting links, which I then supplied.
    P.P.S. Ooh, being self-centered is fun. I'm going to try it more often.

  3. @Colleen, Isn't it amazing? Man that's the best laugh I've had all day. I will say that when the story broke I called it on Facebook and knew Garden Rant would pull something like this. Sorry, but no. You don't get to publish posts that discourage gardens and then try to take credit for defending a gardener like this. Yes, there was something in the ugly gardens post about giving gardeners a bad name. LOL.

    @Monica, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had been the Paul Revere of the Julie Bass story. My apologies.

  4. MBT -- You totally called it! I remember you saying on FB that they'd pull something like this :-) I thought you were joking on Twitter. Laughed so hard when I realized you weren't.

  5. @Colleen, Well I'm not clairvoyant or anything. I just have a lot of experience in dealing with BSers and observing them so I saw this one coming a mile away. :0)

    Glad that Julie will be ok. Monica pointed out on Twitter that today is Bastille Day. That makes today's update highly appropriate. Good job Internet.

  6. Those arrogant SOBs in Oak Park just don't seem to get it! The world is watching, and the more they harass Julie, the deeper the hole they dig themselves into. It's pretty clear the most recent harassment over their dog licenses is vengeful. They're making themselves a laughingstock on the world stage. I really admire Julie for not getting down and dirty and with those jerks. It's taking a toll on her though.

  7. And not sure it's entirely over...the last couple of posts on the http://oakparkhatesveggies.wordpress.com/ blog seem to imply the Bass' are afraid the charges could be re-instated. Such crap...as is Garden Rant taking any bit of the credit.

  8. @GardenGirl, I think they pretty much got the picture and are walking this back because they look like fools. She's sure shown a lot more grace than I would've mustered in the same situation.

    @Kim, Thanks for that. I see I forgot to link her blog. I love her post about not being the Rosa Pars of gardening. Such self-awareness is so rare in gardening.

  9. Well said! I had no idea Garden Rant was up to that sort of thing.


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