Jul 13, 2011

Your Garden Blog's Pictures Are Exposed in Google+

If you've ventured in Google+, Google's answer to Facebook, you may have noticed that in your profile there's a tab for photographs. The photographs displayed here are suppose to be pictures you upload and your profile pictures, and I assume your Picasa Web Albums will be integrated into this at a later date. The problem is that every time you create a blog in Blogger, and upload images, it create a Picasa Web Album to store them in. Currently, my Google+ profile displays photo albums from two of my blogs. Other than the fact that the pictures are out of context this isn't really a problem for me at this time. But I could see it being a problem for bloggers who write more than one blog and attempt to keep them separate from each other. If you make these albums private in Google+ it will break the image links in your blog posts. You can rectify this by making the album public again in your Google+ profile. If you happened to delete the album in Google+ you've just deleted all of the images within your blog posts.

I did some troubleshooting and noticed that the albums NOT showing in Google+ were my Picasa Web Albums with settings of "Limited, anyone with a link." So, I changed the settings to "Limited, anyone with a link" hoping that would hide the albums from my Google+ profile, but that also broke the image links in the posts. 

I've asked the Blogger team on Twitter for help with this issue and have posted to a Blogger help forum, but haven't received an answer yet. When I do I'll update this post. For the time being if you jump into Google+ DO NOT change the settings of your public photo albums as this will break the image links in your blog posts.

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  1. You know, I noticed this about a couple of weeks ago with tons of pageviews by google images. My pageviews had jumped so much that I couldn't believe it.

    Right now all of my photos are out on the web for copying. I am not sure if I should copyright or what!

  2. Thank you for the info I look forward to your updates on this

  3. Oh boy. What a pain! Sorry you had to go through that, but thanks for sharing the lesson. Yipes.

  4. I noticed there was something odd and decided to leave it alone until I knew what I was doing. Thanks for the heads up :) Mo


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