Sep 13, 2011

Feed Scrapers IV

If you haven't ever found yourself in a position where your garden blog is being scraped consider yourself lucky. If you currently find yourself in that position see the posts on Feed Scrapers(Guest Post by Dave), Feed Scrapers II, and Feed Scrapers III for tips on what steps to take when you find your garden blog's posts and pictures are being scraped.

Recently, I came across this Google spreadsheet by Google that asks you to submit scraper sites to help Google test algorithmic changes for scraper sites, especially blog scrapers. Yes, you read that correctly, Google seems to be serious about an issue that has been affecting us since at least 2007. I for one am glad they're doing this and know how I'll be spending my evening. Taking out my aggression on a couple of scrapers who host offshore and don't respond to DMCA requests. And maybe eating a celebratory pizza. 

Do not confuse this sheet with how to report copyright violations of blogs hosted on Blogger. Read that post on the process of getting your words or pictures off of blogs hosted on Blogger. Also, see how controlling your garden blog's feed length can help you with feed scrapers.


  1. I have also heard that if you repost something in your own blog, be careful when you are copying texts in bulk as it may triggle google/blogger to blacklist you or guarantine yoru blog.

  2. That is good news for sure. It always seems scraping picks up around the winter months. Have to keep an eye out.

  3. *sigh* just found another one :(

    It's even displaying my feedscraper notice from my RSS feed :o

    BTW I don't think Google Alerts are consistent. My latest discovery didn't come from my feedscraper alert notice but via Feedburner's Uncommon Usage report. Worth checking on there regularly if people use that to source their RSS feed.

    This is a timely posting in view of what I've just discovered.


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