Nov 17, 2011

Centering Text and Images in Your Blog's Header

Recently I was modifying a Blogger template and I had to relearn how to center the text and image in header. This is how to center text in your blog's header in the new Blogger Template Designer.

From your Dashboard to go Template>Customize>Advanced>Add CSS>

Paste the following code in the box and click Apply to Blog. 

.Header { 
text-align: center; 

To center an image in your header follow the same steps and past the following code

.Header img {
margin: 0 auto;

Please note that the code to center an image in your header will not work properly if your image is larger (read: wider) than your header and if you use the "shrink to fit" option. The image you are using has to be the perfect size for it to look right. 


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