Nov 3, 2011

Join James Sinclair's Movember Challenge

A few weeks ago I learned on Twitter that James Alexander-Sinclair had organized a group of male garden bloggers and designers to participate in Movember and grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for men's health. Below is a short Q & A with Mr. Sinclair on the project. 

How did you decide to get involved in Movember?
I just thought it would be fun to try and persuade as many gardeners as possible to wander around looking faintly foolish for a month. That and the fact that the cause, to raise funds and awareness for research into Prostate and Testicular cancers, is very important and close to many people's hearts. In the UK alone one man dies every hour from prostate cancer. That is 10,000 every year, sometimes unnecessarily as it can often be treated if caught early enough. Men are generally not very good at getting check ups for this sort of thing and they should be. Any publicity has to be good. 

Is this your first year doing it?
I did it on my own a couple of years ago but this is the first time in a group.

How many gardeners do you have participating in the UK?
As of midday today we have fifty participating gardeners. Some of them women: they have the challenge of growing a moustache from cress or grass or pretty much anything they can think of!

What's the reaction been among the male and female gardeners in the UK?
Very enthusiastic: even those who have not joined us are very much looking forward to giggling at our feeble efforts. We have raised over a thousand pounds already so are hopeful of lots of support. 

How can someone get involved or donate?
Anybody can sign up to join our team  (male or female) provided they have some connection with gardening. We have writers, designers, photographers, landscapers, nurserymen, lecturers, landscape architects, and keen gardeners both professional and amateur. To donate please visit the Team - Bristling Gardeners - on  You can donate to individuals or to the team as a whole: the money all ends up in the same place. 

Tell us a little about yourself for any readers in the U.S. who are not familiar with you. 
I have been gardening professionally for ages. I design gardens all over the United Kingdom, I also write a lot (I have columns in both the English Garden and Gardeners World Magazines, write features for Gardens Illustrated and other newspapers and periodicals), I give lectures, write blogs (for myself, for Crocus, for GardenersClick and for Gardeners World), am one of the Three Men Went To Mow on YouTube, occasionally appear on television and am a council member of the Royal Horticultural Society. I find that if busy I get into less trouble.

You can donate to the Bristling Gardeners Movember group at the link above or sign up for yourself and encourage your friends, familys and your garden blog's readers to donate at Movember if you're in the United States. 

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