Jan 7, 2012

Did GardenWeb Buy the Garden Rant Domain for $1.3 million?

There's a link making the rounds on Twitter which claims that the GardenRant domain sold for $1.3 million to GardenWeb ( the Internet's largest gardening forum ) which is part of iVillage, a division of NBC Universal. The article lists several popular sites and blogs and gives a dollar amount for which the sites sold. It ranks GardenRant as number #19 out of #20 for blogs and sites sold over a million. I won't link to the article itself because I don't find it to be very reputable. Instead, I'll link this tweet and you can follow the link yourself, if you're that curious.

I've tweeted the GardenRant(ers) for confirmation but I don't expect to get a response (ha!), so I'll go ahead and say that the rumor isn't true. Here's why.

1) The article, which is a year old, isn't published on a site that I'd give much credit to.
2) The listing says the domain sold back in 2007.
3) A whois look-up of the Garden Rant domain shows that the domain registrar is GoGaddy* and register is Amy Stewart.

Now, it's possible that the domain did sell to iVillage and that they for some reason allow them to remain autonomous and even let Amy Stewart continue as the registrar and keep control of a domain they plunked down $1.3 million for. Just like it's possible that I'll have my seed stash organized for spring, I will sow every seed, and every seed will germinate and grow into a beautiful plant that will be watered and fertilized diligently by my this coming growing season.

*Two years from now when the GardenRanters hear that the CEO of their chosen domain registrar uses sexist advertising, shoots elephants, and the company supported SOPA they are going to publish the most righteously indignant post about why you shouldn't register a garden blog domain with GoDaddy. Until then read about how SOPA would affect you and who are the legislators supporting this bill and tell them to stop this nonsense.


  1. Gatsbys Gardens, It opens in a new window if you have popups disabled that could be why. But anyway, the link is just a bunch of domains and prices, which I don't think are right since the GardenWeb domain is still under the control of Amy Stewart.

  2. It seems to be an unlikely story, but no doubt makes all garden bloggers hopeful.
    ...$1.3 million? Wow.

  3. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Garden Rant tweeted a link about it ... it was an April Fool's Joke.

  4. Martha, I know, right? That would be awesome if a garden blogging domain could fetch that kind of money.

    @Anonymous, Yup. A friend gave me the link this morning but I haven't updated here 'cause I've been laid up in bed with Downton Abbey fever. Here's where it started http://is.gd/fo9v8S It was an April Fool's prank a few years ago.


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