Jan 24, 2012

Persea non grata

A couple of years ago I wrote an article for Lawn & Garden Retailer Magazine explaining what garden bloggers were and how garden centers could connect with garden bloggers. After the article was published I was contacted by a garden center in Iowa thanking me for the article and saying that by following my suggestions they found a garden blogger relatively close. I was glad to hear it because Mr.Subjunctive is my favorite houseplant blogger. In the early stages of my garden blog I used to blog about houseplants, but after Mr.Subjunctive came on the scene I stopped because I thought he did such a good job with it that competing with him made little sense to me.

In 2010 when I heard that a New York Times writer was looking for an indoor gardening blogger, I suggested he contact Mr.Subjunctive, and he did! I found it hilarious that someone I read had their picture taken and was in the story. Anyway, I mention this to illustrate how good I think he is. A while back Mr.Subjunctive posted an open letter (read negative review) of a local garden center where he shopped for plants. Recently he went back and....well, I'll just let him tell it.

At least the business owner didn't set up a fake blog about him in retaliation of the reviews, eh?

* Thanks for the help with the pun, Mr.Subjunctive.


  1. Wow. That is just crazy! You know you're badass when you get kicked out of a nursery :-)

    1. Yes, it is crazy. They had a good opportunity to show him the improvements they had made at the nursery, but missed it. It would've been a whole different blog post he would've written.

      I'm still waiting to cross getting kicked out of a garden center off of my bucket list. The closest I've come is not being allowed past the sidewalk.

  2. Also, Pierson's has not tried to contact me about the post, which I know they've read, and which went up eight days ago. This may or may not be the best thing for all concerned, but I had kind of thought that they might want to say something.


    Google Translate (Latin --> English) renders Persea non grata as "Perseus is not grateful," instead of the intended "Avocado is not welcome."

  3. I got kicked out of Chuckie Cheese once, but a nursery would be much better. At least Mr. Sub has plenty of other places to shop for plants (apparently that dumb nursery doesn't understand this concept, which is no surprise given the way they used to run their place.)


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