Apr 19, 2012

Problem with Gravatar Comments on WordPress

As a blogger that uses Blogger, the comment feature of WordPress blogs has always been something I've admired and been envious of. They have always been "open" and easy to use. When the company that owns WordPress acquired Gravatar it made using the comment feature that much nicer. I could comment on WordPress blogs and display my logo in the comments like I do in the comments of Blogger blogs. Last month after trying to leave comments on blogs like Plant Propaganda and Theatrum Botanicum I was met with the page pictured above. I've never seen this before and I had never been asked to sign in when using my Gravatar before. Any of you WordPress people know why I suddenly need to sign in when commenting on WordPress blogs? I suppose I could try to find out what my password is, but aint nobody got time for that!

Anyway, all you WordPress people I visited your garden blogs and would've left you a comment except for that stupid screen above.


  1. I've been getting that message too and I hate it! My WordPress "blog" is a dead end that I only created to secure the name should I ever want to leave Blogger. So why would I want to send people there with a link? I don't. I worked around this new issue by using a different email address, but it's not a great solution.

    1. You're a genius, Danger Garden! It never occurred to me to try a different Email address. LOL.

  2. Wordpress users have issues with Blogger comments and now Blogger users have issues with WordPress comments. Seems both platforms are trying to make it harder for people to be sociable. Shame.

  3. Ah Sweet Brown...I actually have a similar problem posting to Blogger blogs. It never works right under the Wordpress option and posting as "anonymous" was annoying. I finally just started posting under my Google ID which does have a link to my Wordpress blog but it is kind of roundabout. And don't get me started on Blogger's lame anti spammer protection. Apparently I am a robot because I have a hell of a a time reading those randome letters sometimes.

    Anyway don't know what is causing the issue lately. Someone else mentioned it too.

  4. I'm running into that screen when commenting wordpress.com blogs as well. After signing in, I have the option to change which blog is used in connection with my name.
    Just like Danger Garden, my wordpres dot com blog isn't being used, and wordpress disallows a redirect code...

    Those captcha things are unreadable to me also... I've disabled them on my blogs.... really don't need them if I'm moderating my comments...


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