Jan 13, 2013

Changes at Garden Bloggers

Shortly after I registered this domain, I decided to use it as a vehicle to help other garden bloggers make changes to their template, and navigate some of the pitfalls of social media and online publishing, and documenting some of the ridiculousness of blogging in the same style that other blogging niches receive.

Since then many things have changed. Writing those tutorials was never particularly fun. And Blogger has developed a template designer that makes modifying your garden blog pretty easy. So there isn't too much of a point in continuing that. There are also great templates being developed by designers like these recently featured.

Last year I had a gig writing for TreeHugger under their “Living” section, and I miss covering some of those types of posts. So, I’ll be changing the direction of this blog to be more of a “Living” and lifestyle blog geared towards gardeners. There will be great and innovative garden products, and brands, cool Kickstarter projects that need attention, and overall it will be more of an inspirational resource, with a bit of the old topics (blog design, social media, gardening gossip and humor) scattered about, for garden bloggers and gardeners in general.

As such, I’m trying to secure contributors to the Garden Bloggers blog. I’m finalizing details for one blogger to join this blog and feature some great garden blogs from around the world, hopefully finding other contributors to cover other areas, and soliciting some original pieces. If you have any ideas or suggestion you can find me through the MrBrownThumb garden blog, or on social media.

There also seems to be a need for a community where garden bloggers can post and get feedback, help or resources from other garden bloggers. I've started a garden bloggers community on G+ to help with that. There are already a few interesting threads.

For example, this thread about Google Authorship. Have you seen profile pictures of writers next to their blogs and posts in the search results? Are you ready for that? This thread where we are discussing garden blog comments. Do you get them? Want more of them? Is social media killing blog comments? This thread on the pros and cons of sponsored posts. Or this thread where a garden blogger tells us why Facebook banned him from posting pictures. And this thread on whether you ever contemplated killing off your garden blog.

G+ Community Rules

The group is set to “private” to allow for honest and open discussion among the members. Who can join? Any garden blogger who is interested in joining.  But there is a catch. Membership is moderated and limited to “garden bloggers.”  For the purposes of the group, “garden bloggers” is narrowly defined to those who are writing about their own gardens. That means that people who have blogs that are garden-related, but not about their own gardens don’t qualify. If your blog is about your garden business, social media/PR and Marketing, a garden product, a website, TV show, app, directory or some other topic I’m blanking on--you don’t qualify to join. Sorry, no offense. There are tons of groups, forums and the like scattered across the Internet where you can speak with your peers, but not really one for those of us who have digital garden journals where we can speak with our peers about what we face.

If this sounds interesting to click here to join. Make sure your G+ profile is filled out with all pertinent information. Your garden blog should be linked in your profile so a moderator can look it over and see if you are “garden blogging” or if your blog falls under a different category. After you've been allowed access to the group, use the tabs on the left to navigate to a topic of your choice. Introduce your blog, jump in with a comment, or make your own post in one of the many topic categories we've already established. They cover just about everything a garden blogger could need. Click here.



  1. Sounds like exciting stuff!

  2. Cool! I just asked to join the group, and update my G+ profile.



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